Cedric Alexander apparently does not agree with The Hurt Business splitting up.

WWE recently did an angle on RAW where MVP and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley kicked Alexander and Shelton Benjamin from the group. The tension had been building for a few months, and the two sides are still feuding. Lashley defeated Benjamin on last week’s RAW, and then made Alexander tap out on this week’s show.

The WWE India account asked fans this week if the split is good for business, and Alexander responded.

“No It’s Not,” he replied.

Cedric is the only member of the group to respond to the tweet as of this writing, but the split has been a hot topic on social media among fans this past week with many calling it a bad decision. Former WWE Champion Batista also said the split was bad for business, as noted here.

It was recently reported that MVP and Lashley spoke out against the split in a meeting with WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. You can click here for that report.

MVP recently stated that The Hurt Business lives on with he and Lashley. We noted before how MVP revealed that he and Lashley are accepting worthy applicants, indicating that there could be new members added to the group soon. Lashley recently spoke about wanting to recruit a female Superstar.

Stay tuned for more on The Hurt Business. You can see Cedric’s tweet below: