Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Outside Daily’s Place, The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers checking out each others earrings (“danglies”). They see Anderson doesn’t have any, but his are down with his short shorts and he does a little dance for the group. Along with Don Callis, MT Nakazawa, and Kenny Omega, the group heads into their private trailer. We see the segment from last week’s Dynamite when Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston drive a truck into the side of their trailer. The group bails out of the trailer and runs down the parking lot to get away from them.

* Young Bucks at the airport, Matt checking out his cracked luggage case. The brothers take a moment to show off their sneakers.

Dark Order hangout, the group is talking, but realize Grayson is sitting up on the chair where Anna sits, and they tell him to get down. Hangman Page shows up and isn’t in a good mood about getting attacked on Dynamite. He asks the group what took them so long to help out, and Colt Cabana exploded on Page about forgetting to bring back food, two weeks ago. John Silver is intensive care because he didn’t get fed, and apparently he’s going to have 12 inches of his arm cut off because of what happened. The group tries to figure out where they’re gonna find a replace and realize they can take 5’s recently acquired enlarged manhood to fix things.

* Brandon Cutler bumps into The Young Bucks, who have been looking for him. They said they felt guilty about last week and wanted to give him some presents. They give him a face mask for his broken nose. Cutler puts it on. They give him an Elite jacket. On the back it says “Young Boy.”

* Peter Avalon sees Leva Bates in the hallway and says she looks great. Cezar Bononi walks by, Avalon blows Bates off like he’s moved on. Bononi keeps walking, Bates also leaves, annoyed at Avalon.

* Cutler sees Grayson just hanging out by himself. He says he’s going to go find Matt Hardy and his guys to beat them up backstage. He goes to look for them, but thinks he hears something familiar. He walks through the halls (talking to the camera) and we see Anna Jay walk down the hall and turn as he looks towards her. Grayson stops and looks down the hallway, only to find Abadon staring at him. Cutler and Grayson run off.

* Ryzin is recovering from his Blue Chew overdose. Ryzin asks Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero why they didn’t tell him what it was. The two just laugh at him. Ryzin said he had to go to the doctor. The first doctor (Sampson) was no help at all. The second doctor he visited was Luther, and he gives Ryzin some pills to help. Luther goes back to staring at the wall. Ryzin says ultimately this gave him an idea for their church merch.

* The Young Bucks doing Talk ‘N Shop with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows in a hotel room. Matt talks about mistakenly sending the group chat (with Luchasaurus, Trent, and others) how much he had in the bank. He meant to only show how well he did that day with his stocks, but sent more than that. Gallows does his “The Fink” impression. The get some takeout, but the place didn’t give them any utensils.

* The Young Bucks visit Brandon Cutler, and since he’s going to be out for a few months due to injury. Matt and Nick Jackson say since he won’t need his ring gear for awhile, they brought him it. The two hand him a plastic bag with his name on it, making a joke about WWE sending Mickie James a trash bag with her items in it after her release. The two say he’ll be back in no time and Matt gives Cutler a really long thumbs up.

* Cutler (in his “Young Boy” jacket) sweeps up the glass outside of The Elite’s private trailer after it got hit by a truck.