News On Rumors Of AEW EVP Infighting

This past week on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, Pro Wrestling Torch's Wade Keller and Pro Wrestling Net's Jason Powell discussed a rumored spat between AEW's EVP's, which are Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. During the discussion on Keller's Tuesday Flagship show, the two speculated about infighting between the EVP's.

"There's gonna a book written someday by some of these EVP's or someone else closely observing and we're gonna learn about a lot of dysfunction," Keller said. "We're gonna learn what a very short honeymoon period there was between certain key people in the company, who aren't even talking to each other anymore. I think we're gonna find that out.

"I know there are people in other wrestling companies saying The Bucks and Cody and Kenny it's not gonna be long at all before they want to have nothing to do with each other. The honeymoon period is going to be short. It seems like it is. It seems like there's some disengagement and people going off into their own that is showing up in certain ways."

Powell then chimed in, saying that the AEW EVP's should clear the air if these rumors weren't true. He also revealed this rumored infighting was affecting potential signings.

"If that is not happening, they need to clear up that misconception," Powell said. "I do think it's happening, but if it's not? I'll just say; there's a would-be difference maker who could go there that has that opinion that there's all this in-fighting and this person, for that reason, is hesitant to go there."

There has been no confirmation on any heat between the four EVP's. On the Wrestling Observer Board, The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer admitted that Cody has more of a business relationship with Omega and The Bucks, however "nobody isn't talking to each other."

"Anyway, nobody isn't talking to each other," Meltzer wrote. "It's impossible in wrestling to get everyone to agree on everything, especially when they are passionate about it. The Young Bucks & Omega are legit close personal friends. Cody is more of a business relationship with the other three but it's not an adversarial one in the least and all have the same end goals which is to build a company that sustains and grows. They have different philosophies, but everyone in wrestling does based on when you grew up, where you grew up, and your life experiences.

"But Tony runs the show and ultimately it's the Tony philosophy. All want a diversified approach and you can argue whether that's good or bad but that is what they all seem to agree on."

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