AEW Star Gives Props To Bret Hart And Steve Austin

The Pinnacle's Dax Harwood commented on a gif of Bret Hart selling Steve Austin's irish whip into the corner during one of their matches in WWE. Harwood praised both Austin and Hart for their work — which is still looked at fondly today — and elevating whoever they were in the ring with.

"The two greatest at the 'little things,'" Harwood wrote. "That's why, 25 years later, they're more revered now than in their active years. I told Arn all I wanted was for the fans to look back at my work in the same light they look back at his. They made everyone better."

In a second tweet, Harwood called Hart the most underrated seller of all time, and said the same goes for his realistic promos/character.

"I've said it for years. @BretHart is the most underrated seller of all time," Harwood stated. "Same with his promos. In a world of overacting & over-the-top characters, he was a real as it got. THAT'S why he had/has this connection with the fans that no other wrestler has ever been able to duplicate."

Along with the rest of The Pinnacle, Harwood is getting set to face Inner Circle in a Stadium Stampede Match at Double or Nothing on May 30. If Inner Circle loses, they have to disband forever.