Former WWE star Alex Riley stopped by the Dropkick Podcast to talk about his wrestling career. Riley was asked about his former boss, WWE Owner and Chairman Vince McMahon, and couldn’t have been any more glowing in his praise.

“Vince McMahon is one the kindest,” Riley said. “When you meet him, he’s almost shy. You know what I mean he’s one of the kindest, sweetest, most family driven human beings that I’ve ever personally have met. I wish him and I had a closer relationship and we did but he’s dealing with a lot of talent and he focuses on that talent at the time that is moving and articulating with him on that level. He’s the boss, the boss of professional wrestling. I love Vince, I wanna give him all the credit in the world and his mind all the credit in the world. He was one the most professional business people that I’ve ever been around.

“Anytime I ever went in there you know which wasn’t a lot. I didn’t go in there a lot. I wasn’t in a position to go in there a lot to be fair but he always met me with respect. He always met with a joke and a good joke like a really good joke. A joke that would make you crack up inside. Very intellectual human being and so is Triple H, Stephanie, also Shane. Shane might be my favorite wrestler of all time.”

Riley was released from WWE back in 2016. Despite his love for the McMahon’s and Triple H, Riley was up front in that he hasn’t kept tabs on his former promotion.

“I have not,” Riley said when asked if he still watched WWE. “I’m just being honest with you. I have not watched WWE programming for a very long time. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love wrestling. I mean I loved wrestling, I think I have proven now how much I loved wrestling you know.

“I think if there was anything that you know I was made for on earth it was to be a live entertainer. I can’t wait to get back to it, does that mean wrestling right now, no it’s not going to be for a while maybe. A couple years if ever, just to be honest.”

Riley also was asked if he had been keeping up with AEW since the promotion first started.

“I have not and I’m not trying to offend anybody out there, but I have not watched wrestling in a very long time because I don’t want to speak without a true opinion,” Riley admitted. “I watched (AEW) in the beginning and I thought Kenny Omega was cool. I liked his character, I thought it was a good character.”

Riley has not wrestled since losing at match to Shinsuke Nakamura in April of 2016. When asked if he would return to the ring, Riley stated that only one thing would bring him back.

“I will go back for one night,” Riley said. “For one conversation with one human being. I’m just going to leave it there. That’s the only reason I would ever go back to wrestling, one conversation on one night with one human being. Other than that, I’m done. I don’t see the purpose of me doing it. I had a good career.”

You can watch the full interview below.