Alexa Bliss Announces Her Pet Pig Has Passed Away

WWE RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss took to Instagram this morning to announce that her pet pig, Larry-Steve, has passed away.

Bliss wrote:

On The day before his 4th birthday. 💔 This morning Larry-Steve gained his Angel wings. 🐽 I'm so sorry we couldn't find you the help you needed in time. Some people didn't agree to help you. But I want you to know Larry, YOUR LIFE MATTERED. 🐽🖤we are completely heartbroken.

On Monday, Bliss revealed she was seeking an "emergency vet that will specifically treat pigs" after her regular pig vet refused to treat Larry-Steve in his ailing condition. Bliss requested fans and peers to recommend a pig vet that would be willing to help her beloved pet.

A few years ago, Bliss compared her pet pig to a four-year-old child that constantly throws temper tantrums, especially if you don't feed them at the same time every day. Bliss also referred to Larry-Steve as a "very vegan" pig that loves carrots.

As reported earlier, Bliss was backstage for last night's WWE RAW, but was not used on camera.

See below for Alexa's Instagram post: