As we’ve noted, several WWE NXT releases were made on Wednesday, including referee Drake Younger (Drake Wuertz). He had been signed to WWE since 2014 after an in-ring career on the indies, and once worked as head referee of NXT. There had been some concern for Drake in recent months as he found himself wrapped up in controversy due to his political beliefs, and how he brought that to work.

In an update, Fightful Select reports that now that Drake is gone, the NXT roster is revealing some stories about his behavior.

It was alleged that there were a few instances where minorities within NXT took exception to the way Drake worded certain things. One situation reportedly involved Ezra Judge, who was also released this week, almost feeling the need to get physical with Drake. There were numerous times when talent, specifically people of color, went to NXT higher-ups about situations like this.

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Drake reportedly gained significant heat after the “Takeover: In Your House” event in June 2020 as a story on his behavior went around following a talent meeting with Triple H. Triple H gave a speech, which came in the middle of the BLM movement, that saw him say all people, regardless of their race, gender or religion, were welcomed in NXT. Word is that when “religions” were mentioned, Drake’s attitude immediately changed, and he reportedly aggressively gathered his belongings, then left.

Regarding the meeting with Triple H, Wrestling Inc. first reported on the pre-show and post-show talks back on June 8, the day after Takeover. It was noted that before the show Triple H invited anyone to discuss their feelings and specifically mentioned Black Lives Matter, stating he was open to having that conversation. Talent appeared to be receptive, but there was no open conversation that occurred with everyone around.

Triple H then held the talent meeting after Takeover. He reportedly reiterated how proud he was of his talent for standing up for their beliefs in an important time for the world. He then became emotional, saying he wants everyone to matter, regardless of their race, religion or orientation. He also said he wants the talent to set an example for the world. The meeting was described as a powerful moment of uniting everyone together. This new report is the first we’ve heard of Drake leaving the meeting.

There’s no word yet on Drake’s plans for the future, but it was reported last night that he has already started reaching out for potential work.

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