Booker T Names Best Locker Room Shoot Fight He’s Seen

On his Hall of Fame podcast for Reality of Wrestling, former five time WCW Champion Booker T was asked about the best shoot fights he had ever witnessed backstage. After mentioning Kurt Angle and Daniel Puder, Booker T remembered a backstage rumble all the way back in his WCW days.

"Ernest 'The Cat' Miller and Buff Bagwell. That was a good one right there," Booker said before describing what led to the confrontation. "I think Cat Miller was actually dating, not dating, but hanging out with (Buff's) ex-wife. And Bagwell was pretty hot about it. We were in Sturgis, South Dakota. I'll never forget it because we were outside at this table. Everything was outside at Sturgis, you know? There was nothing inside because it was an outside show and what not, and we had catering set up outside.

"I remember Cat Miller sitting down and Buff Bagwell was going to try and sneak shot him. And he came over to sneak shot Ernest 'The Cat' Miller! People don't know man, this dude is like the real deal. Blackbelt Jones, something like that. And he moved so quick on Bagwell, blocked it and was on him so fast. Bagwell couldn't wait for somebody to break it up. It was one of those types of deals."

At that point however Booker T then remembered another brawl that took place at WCW catering. Once again it involved Bagwell, and according to Booker was a situation where the two wrestlers wound up working themselves into a shoot.

"The best one was Diamond Dallas Page and Buff Bagwell," Booker said. "They were trying to create an angle and they were acting like they were going to fight in catering. And both of them start jaw jacking back and forth really hard. And then BANG! They start fighting each other. But it was like a worked shoot and nobody broke it up! (laughs). Finally they stopped and realized they had ribbed themselves. That was the best one of them all."

You can watch the full clip below.