Bronson Reed On Which WWE Star Is His Dream Match

As a guest on the latest episode of WWE After the Bell, NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed joined the show and talked about winning the championship against Johnny Gargano on May 18th's episode of NXT.

Reed defeated Gargano in a steel cage match to capture his first singles championship in WWE and celebrated after the match with his wife in the ring. The new champion spoke about the reaction he had to winning the title, what it was like to walk backstage after the match and hearing from Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

"When I won the championship, I remember Daryl the referee handing me the belt and I held it up and you can just see on the camera I sort of look at the belt like flabbergasted," Reed said. "Sometimes things just become everyday stuff, everyday work. I remember having that great moment of becoming champion, having my wife with me and I remember getting backstage and having a round of applause and having the first two people to hug me and congratulate me be Shawn Michaels and Triple H. That stuff for me, I can't dream of that stuff. Now I have a good relationship with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, I speak to them, they're just people. Every now and again I go to myself and go ugh, that's Mr. WrestleMania, that's the King of Kings. It's crazy."

Reed also mentioned who the most notable people to reach out to him after the match were, naming Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown. The NXT North American Champion also talked about what he wants to do most with his championship reign, saying he wants everyone to notice his matches more than the NXT Championship matches.

"A lot of people really," Reed said. "It means a lot to me when I have a lot of my peers reach out to me and send me a message. Someone like Mark Henry reached out to me which was really cool, another huge heavyweight within the business, I respect everything he's done. He was kind enough to send me a message and just congratulate me, D-Lo Brown was another one. Maybe the Nation of Domination like Bronson Reed? I'm fans of them. People from RAW and SmackDown reach out and that means a lot to me as well, maybe one day I'll be on those brands so to have people congratulate me and have people watching from there is big to me."

"I want people to be like, if the North American Championship is on the card and you have the NXT Championship on the card, I want people to go 'I want to watch the North American Championship match more.' "

On a recent episode of WWE After the Bell, NXT UK Champion WALTER named the wrestlers he wants to face most on NXT and in WWE, naming Finn Balor, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan. Reed joined that conversation and was also asked who he would like to face in WWE or NXT in the future.

"For me, there's so many great heavyweights at the moment that there's so many matches I would like to do," Reed said. "I think one that would be arranged and hopefully done sooner than later is Bronson Reed vs. WALTER. That's the one I want to tip off first and then we can talk about the other people. A dream match for me at the moment is Roman Reigns. That's someone I want to be able to step in the ring with."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE After the Bell with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.