WWE’s Damian Priest sat down with Wide World of Sports to discuss his whirlwind 2021. In less than six months Priest has gone from NXT to being called up to RAW and worked alongside celebrity Bad Bunny at WrestleMania 37. For Priest it’s all the way it should be.

“Not surprising, because that’s the goal,” Priest said on being called up. “We join the company with the hopes of being a Raw or Smackdown superstar, and don’t get me wrong, NXT is a big deal. But you work in the same company that has these brands so it’s expected at some point you will go from brand to brand, that comes with the territory.”

While Priest isn’t surprised to find himself on RAW, he is surprised by how quickly things ultimately came together. Don’t think for a second though he isn’t enjoying every minute of it.

“In my head, I had plans on NXT,” Priest said. “Things I wanted to achieve and people wanted to work with. So it was a little bit of ‘Oh, I’m going now?’ Then everything happened really fast, where it was like ‘you’re going to the Royal Rumble right after this match, Raw right after, then Bad Bunny and WrestleMania. So everything felt really fast.

“But I’m enjoying every second of it, this is where I want to be. For me, it’s not crazy, as far as I’m not ready. It’s more crazy that I’m happy and that this is so cool. Every day I wake up excited for what’s coming next.”