In an interview with Mid-Day, former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was asked which three WWE stars he’d most like to wrestle. For the first two names McIntyre went with former rival, current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and an old stablemate who recently returned to WWE programming.

“With Roman it’s pretty obvious there is unfinished business,” McIntyre said. “We are a couple of Superstars at the top of our game on our respective brands, we had a cheap finish from the last match with all the interference and the low blow. (Then) Jinder. Let’s just say we’ve never had significant singles match the way Sheamus and I were able to recently.

“When you have real history with somebody, even though you’re friends, it’s good to get in there and be competitive with your friends and then hopefully joke about it afterwards and have fun afterwards. No matter who wins. Obviously with Sheamus things got a little bit personal, hopefully, that wouldn’t happen with Jinder.”

The final name McIntyre listed was Daniel Bryan. The possibility of that match is up in the air now given Bryan’s deal with WWE expired weeks ago, and even McIntyre has no idea if the match will ever happen.

“I don’t know what’s going on with his future after he lost the match,” McIntyre said. “Maybe he shows up on NXT? Maybe he shows up on RAW? But he and I haven’t got to do much together. Certainly never had anything big, and I think obviously with where we’re at in our careers, it would be something very special.”

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