Former WWE superstar and current AEW wrestler Dustin Rhodes took to Twitter today to reveal he was celebrating the anniversary of his sobriety. Today marks Rhodes’ 13 year of sobriety from both drugs and alcohol, and that he is currently living his best life.

“Very proud of me today!! Today marks my 13th anniversary for being clean and sober from drugs and alcohol,” Rhodes tweeted. “Absolutely living my best life now!”

Rhodes spoke with Wrestling Inc. back in 2013 to discuss his how bad his addiction to drugs and alcohol had gotten. Rhodes also revealed how he was able to break out of his downward spiral, and what motivated him to do so.

“It got so bad back then with drugs and alcohol, with so many pills, cocaine and booze,” recalled Rhodes. “There was still, when I’d get home, it just started getting worse and worse. I fell into that trap and drugs and alcohols. I’ve almost been 5 years clean and sober from any drugs and alcohol and I’m very, very proud of myself for that. But, I’m also — those last three days when I was on a pretty serious bender and almost died. Divine intervention, I guess, God said, ‘Hey, you need help.’ And I knew I needed help but I wasn’t ready for it. I wasn’t ready to accept that, hey, this is it. I was very scared about the whole situation.

“Then, I would just drown myself in more and more to avoid it. Finally, I just threw my hands up and said I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I made that call to my dad at four in the morning, stumbling drunk outside in the rain and not even being able to stand up straight and s–t like that. The next day, WWE and their Wellness Policy, they reached out back to me and got me straight into rehab and I haven’t looked back.”

Rhodes also discussed how he was nervous about whether he would be able to wrestle while sober, due to his past reliance on various substances. But Rhodes later realized he did not have to rely on drugs or alcohol to get him through a match.

“At the beginning of me getting out of rehab and thinking about going back to work, I was scared because I didn’t know if I could do this clean and sober,” admitted Rhodes. “I had worked with some kind of something in my system — not necessarily alcohol, because I was always taught not to [do] that and then go to work — but I had plenty of pills in me and s–t like that to get through something. I was scared, can I do this clean and sober? And, man, yes I can.”

This past Monday night, Rhodes beat Aaron Solow on AEW Dark: Elevation. So Rhodes’ 13 years of sobriety has clearly not hampered his abilities in the ring.

Other wrestlers and workers have tweeted their admiration and respect to Rhodes for his accomplishment. Sonny Kiss, Glenn Jacobs (Kane), Jerry Lynn, Lance Storm, Joseph Rudd (f.k.a. Erick Rowan), Nyla Rose, Ricky Morton, Rebel, Leyla Hirsch, and Mikey Whipwreck have all reached out to show their support and congratulate Rhodes on his sobriety.

We here at Wrestling Inc. would also like to congratulate Dustin Rhodes on his 13 years of sobriety, and wish him the very best in the future.

You can see the related tweets below from both Dustin Rhodes along with those congratulating him on his accomplishment: