EC3 was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily to talk about his recent hospitalization as well as his Free The Narrative event coming up. While speaking on EC3’s partnership with Drake Maverick in WWE, EC3 recalled a SmackDown dark match with the late Brodie Lee (Jon Huber).

“I thought about writing about it, but I mean, in a brief sense, Drake and I worked hard to pitch ourselves as a unit because we have undeniable chemistry,” EC3 said. “We shot our own vignettes and stuff like that, and we were pitching them and everyone loved them, but they weren’t going anywhere. Then after WrestleMania, I think we asked to do the dark match, and Brodie, who was coming back from whatever he was coming back from the time, who also had a great run there but still never properly utilized, never able to control his narrative and be who he should be.

“He just wanted to wrestle, so his son can see him wrestle because it was after WrestleMania. He just wanted to do a match, so his son can see him wrestle. So then they paired us together in this match, so it’s kind of emotional, and then, we did everything we were told. I thought we knocked it out of the park. Somebody didn’t like something. Somebody probably said, ‘I didn’t tell him to do that.’ They told us to do that.

“Whatever, that’s the business, but Jon was a great man, very fortunate to have worked with him in that sense. I always hold on to that memory. When I got fired, he actually texted me. He said, ‘Hey man, remember when they told us to do all this stuff, and you and Drake did really good at your job and then we all got in trouble?’ And I said, ‘Yep.’ He’s like, ‘Well, hopefully see you around,’ and I did not get to see him since. That’s unfortunate, but that’s the story.”

In that dark match, Maverick had a lot of manager spots. EC3 explained why that may have worked against him.

“Maybe that worked against us,” EC3 admitted. “‘We want you to do every manager spot you can fit in in six minutes.’ Done. We did it, and we paid the price for doing what we were told. It just wasn’t meant to be.”

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