During his recent appearance on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, ROH star EC3 reflected on his run with WWE NXT.

When asked by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman to explain why he wasn’t given “a stronger push” during his stint with the Black and Gold brand, EC3 replied, “I think it’s because I wasn’t supposed to be there for too long.”

Shortly after his WWE release in April 2020, EC3 began releasing the “Control Your Narrative” videos on his YouTube channel. When asked to delve into his thought process behind the concept, EC3 said he wanted to provide himself a platform to reclaim his true self after WWE fans saw a watered down version of EC3.

“Control your narrative was something I really wanted to watch upon leaving WWE,” EC3 explained. “We all know the stories of people working within that company, and that you don’t have the opportunity to tell your stories and truly be yourself. So, the concept was based on anybody being allowed to tell their story, whatever it maybe. Who I truly am is not who I was in WWE, a watered down version of something I was in a different company. But I never had an opportunity to be that person in WWE – whether it’s my fault, or anyone else’s, it doesn’t matter. It’s just the fact that I wasn’t allowed to be who I truly am.”

EC3 added that the stories he told through the platform helped him resurrect his career post WWE.

“In the end, it worked out pretty well,” EC3 said. “Walked into ROH, they loved it. Worked for Impact, they wanted me to come in and do what I was doing [on YouTube]. Being true to myself through these weird and hard times benefitted me greatly. And I feel so many others in this industry deserve an opportunity to tell their story. That’s what Free The Narrative is all about. Matt Cardona is another one who wanted to tell his story. He and I are like Yin and Yang, like ‘bizzaro each other’ and that’s why we will fight at the Free The Narrative event.”

EC3 went onto confirm that Free The Narrative is not a wrestling promotion but a platform.

“It is certainly not a corporate wrestling promotion,” EC3 stated. “It’s a three-letter brand, an art piece. I believe professional wrestling can be art. My partner and I are very creative and original kind of weird. But there’s an art to wrestling that has been lost due to the way the business has progressed, from both a classic storytelling and artistic sense. This is the idea to do something different, being bold, and trying something different. It could be a humongous success or a catastrophic failure, I’m not sure. But I’m just happy we’re gonna try to do something nobody else is. Why not? Be different, be bold, win or lose, you still win because you tried.”

EC3 presents Free The Narrative on Thursday, May 27th on Vimeo. Use the promo code “FREEWRESTLINGINC” to get the show for 20% off! You can find the full audio and video from EC3’s interview below:

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