During the latest 83 Weeks Podcast, Eric Bischoff spoke about his time with TNA from 2010-14 and how the company had interest in both Jim Ross and Paul Heyman during that time. Bischoff revealed he had in depth conversations with Ross about joining TNA at one point, noting that Ross even went down and met with the Carter family, however plans ultimately fell through.

“It wasn’t a rumor with Jim Ross, I was a part of the conversation,” Bischoff said. “I was the one that gave Jim’s contact information to Dixie. It wasn’t a rumor, it was a real conversation and I was a part of that conversation. I was a catalyst for it at least and fully supportive of it. It didn’t work out, Jim ultimately decided not to join TNA. I think Jim even made a trip to the ranch in Texas to meet Bob and Janice Carter, that’s how serious it got.

“I think with Paul Heyman, I wasn’t a part of those conversations but I knew they were taking place. Didn’t bother me, I have been working on and off with Paul Heyman since the middle of 1987. The idea of working with Paul wasn’t something that made me go. I wonder what that’s going to be like, but we weren’t adversarial or anything like that.”

Bischoff continued to talk about Heyman, saying they often faked their hatred towards each other over the years. The 2021 Hall of Famer noted that there were times when they disliked each other, but were able to overcome everything and stay friendly.

“By the time I got to WWE and WCW was no more and ECW was no more and we were both talent at WWE, Paul and I spent a lot of time talking creatively and historically and our general feelings of things,” Bischoff said. “And [we] developed a great relationship. We kind of kept it kayfabe because we never knew when we would have an opportunity to make some money together so we kind of wanted people to buy into the Heyman hates Bischoff, Bischoff hates Heyman story, but it wasn’t true at all.

“There were probably times when Paul would’ve liked to see me set myself on fire, there were times where I felt similarly about some of the things Paul was saying or doing. When I got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Paul said some amazing things and they were heartfelt and I just went man, that’s it. I’ll take a bullet for this dude, if I have to I will.”

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