Kurt Angle Recalls Once Pulling His Pants Down In A WWE Production Meeting

On a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic Gold Medalist spoke about what led to him to leave WWE in 2006. On a recent podcast, Angle spoke about how in that same year, McMahon wanted Angle to be the face of ECW and how that led to him leaving the company. Angle said the main reason he left the company after eight years was because of all the injuries he had and Vince McMahon not answering his calls about them.

"The hardest part was the injuries, I just couldn't keep myself together," Angle said. "That's the main reason I even left WWE in 2006, I just couldn't keep my body together. My hamstring, my groin, my abdominal, my shoulder, my neck, I was falling apart and I was having a really difficult time and the painkiller issue wasn't getting any better. I said before I started lashing out at Vince, Vince was ignoring me which made me even more angrier and I would leave him threatening messages on his answering machine on his cellphone. It just got so far out of control that eventually I had to go to Vince and say we need to have a talk.

"I just came from an event and I went to a meeting and I pulled my pants down, it was a production meeting Vince was in the front and everybody else was in the back, I walked in between them and pulled my pants down to my ankles and I showed Vince my groin. It was all black and blue, I mean my penis, everything was black from the injury. It was an abdominal tear, a groin tear and a hamstring tear, all three in the same time and all the blood just rushed to my leg and my groin."

Angle described what had happened that day when he pulled his pants down in front of a WWE meeting. The former Olympian said that's when he realized his time with the company was over.

"I said 'We need to talk,' Angle said. "[Vince said] 'Well let's go in my office,' I said 'No, I need to meet you up at the headquarters this week, I want you to set me up a flight and bring me up because we need to have a personal discussion about what's going on.' That's when I decided I was mostly likely going to leave the company."

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