Earlier this month, WWE Superstar Mansoor turned heads when he joined the main roster under the Monday Night Raw brand. Now, Mansoor is ready to captivate audiences who haven’t seen his work up until this point.

On the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, the panel highlighted Mansoor’s career by reliving his career-changing victory over Cesaro at Crown Jewel in 2019. Cesaro, who lost to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash last Sunday, is someone Mansoor has admired since their matchup two years ago. In fact, in his interview, Mansoor said wrestling “The Swiss Superman” was a life-changing moment for him and his career.

“That was a completely, you know, not just a career-changing match for me, but a life-changing match for me. I can’t emphasize enough how much this match changed my life,” Mansoor revealed. “I mean, this was the match that I think proved to everybody that, ok, this kid is not just here to be rolled out every couple times a year. This is a kid who has potential. This is a kid who can bring it, and this is a kid who was able to match that level of one of the best wrestlers in the world.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all that he’s being so successful right now. Cesaro is a guy who, let’s be honest, 99 days out of a 100, Cesaro beats me. But that one night, I had his number… That was a real magical moment for me. I really hope I can do it again with Cesaro down the line.”

Upon his arrival to the red brand, Mansoor cannot believe his hard work and efforts have gotten him to this point. He told the panel it’s a dream come true to become a main roster star.

“I know it’s a cliché, but it’s been a dream come true,” Mansoor said with a big smile. “The three years that I’ve been here in WWE have all led to that moment. I’ve always wanted the consistency of being on a show every week. You know, telling those stories, being part of a roster in a consistent and, you know, regular way. I’m really excited for my future on Raw. I think it was a real trial by fire having my first opponent be Sheamus, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Following that statement, Mansoor revealed how he learned he’d be making his main roster debut.

“I’ve been going to the ThunderDome every Monday for the past couple of months to do Main Event. It wasn’t really specifically told to me, but I kind of figured they were taking a look-see at me, kind of trying me out to see if I was a right fit for the brand, ” Mansoor recalled. “One day, I get there, and one of the producers comes up to me, extends his hand, and says, ‘Hey, welcome to team Raw.’ I was like, ‘Um, cool!’ I think that’s one of the best parts about working for WWE or being a wrestler, in general, is that you’re always kept on your toes.”

With an undefeated run that hasn’t been seen since Superstars like The Undertaker, Mansoor put his 49-0 streak on the line against the United States Champion, Sheamus. Despite the ramifications Mansoor suffered, it was an interference from Humberto Carrillo who would cost the slugfest between him and “The Celtic Warrior” to end so abruptly. Even though their clash was one week ago, Mansoor can attest that Sheamus is one of the most hard-hitting wrestlers he’s ever faced in his entire career.

“I would say without a doubt, Sheamus is the hardest-hitting Superstar that I’ve ever shared a ring with,” Mansoor declared. “In the history of my entire career, in WWE and outside of it, I’ve never faced someone like Sheamus. I wanted to prove to the world and the Raw roster that I belonged. Taking a licking from Sheamus and refusing to quit, I hope that I proved that.”

With that said, Mansoor would like another rematch with Sheamus, but with his United States Championship on the line. Mansoor, who many define as an unsung workhorse, believes he could be the next big prizewinner showcased on the main roster.

“I feel I have unfinished business with Sheamus. He didn’t pin me, and he didn’t beat me. Until Sheamus beats me in that ring, or until I beat Sheamus in that ring, that’s going to eat at me inside. So, I want to go after Sheamus,” Mansoor replied. “I want to go after that United States Championship. I want to hold that sucker for as long as I possibly can.

“That title has really risen prestige in the last decade, especially with John Cena’s Open Challenge. It’s been known as a wrestler’s title. You know what I mean? The hard worker’s title. The workhorse title. The guy comes out every week and tries to prove he’s the best fighting champion on the brand. So, yeah, I’ve got my eyes set on that, and I’ve got my eyes set on a rematch with Sheamus.”

Following his debut match, Mansoor recalls his family’s reactions as well as his fans. He gives thanks to everyone who’s always believed in his potential and promises to continue his hard-working momentum as he journeys forward on the red brand.

“My grandma could not watch the screen. She’s seen me wrestle before, but she’s never seen me wrestle Sheamus. She was like, ‘Oh, my God,'” Mansoor chuckled. “My grandma was watching, my mom was watching, and my two little sisters were watching, one of whom wants to be a wrestler, which was a really amazing experience that I had that I get to share with her; talking about wrestling and talking about her aspirations. My wife, she was watching from home. Nine o’clock is usually her bedtime because we’re already old. For her to watch me, it was amazing.

“I’ve gotten an outpour of support that it’s really hard to keep track of. I want to give my thanks to everybody who helped me along the way.”

You can watch Mansoor’s full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE’s The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.