Jerry “The King” Lawler stopped by ON with Mario Lopez to promote his appearance on WWE’s Most Hunted Treasures show on A&E. Lopez asked Lawler what the key to his 50 year career is. For the King it comes down to staying off drugs and alcohol, luck with injuries and, to Lopez’ amazement, not working out.

“I think probably the thing that helps with my longevity is, and I may be the only wrestler can say this, I’ve never in my life even tasted beer, wine, whiskey. Any type of alcohol,” Lawler said. “Never drank, never did any drugs, never smoked. So I think that’s kind of helped me.

“Other than that, honestly, I’ve never worked out a day in my life. Never gone to a gym, never worked out, never lifted, nothing. I felt that wrestling on a daily business for all those years kind of was enough of a workout for me.

“It’s no big secret but that’s how I’ve lasted this long. And been incredibly lucky too to not have had any major injuries.”

Lawler also shared the story that convinced him never to try alcohol. “When I first started, they put me with this guy. A manager named Sam Bass. On our first road trip, I get in the car with him, and he’s already, we’re on the way to the town, and he’s already drinking a beer right?

“And so he says ‘here Jerry, have a beer.’ And I said ‘oh no. I’ve never even tasted it Sam.’ And then I said ‘what does it taste like?’ And he said ‘well honestly, you probably won’t like it at first. But it’s an acquired taste. You’ll get to where you like it.’ I said ‘if I’m not going to like it at first, I’m not even going to try it.'”

Later Lopez revealed to Lawler that he’s been asked to participate in a wrestling match and is strongly considering it, though he was scarce on the details. When asked for advice on what he should do, Lawler was encouraging.

“I would say go for it,” Lawler said. “If it’s something, if it’s been sort of a bucket list or life long dream to get in the ring and do something with the WWE superstars, I’d say go for it.

“Trust me, they love interaction with superstars like yourself. They would welcome you with open arms and treat you graciously, work out with you and get you ready.”

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