In the second part of the 50th episode of GAW TV, former WWE star Mickie James discussed her recent release from WWE and the trash bag fiasco that followed. James touched on the insanity of it all and revealed this wasn’t the first time this had happened to her.

“It’s been insane,” James said. “I never wanted to trend over a trash bag, nor do I want to be known as the ‘bag lady.’ For real. All I can do is kind of laugh about it.

“When I look at it, obviously I’m going to get asked about it and I’ve been asked about it for media requests and stuff. And I’m like ‘no, I don’t want to.’ If I’m going to address it anywhere, obviously (it be here). But even including our last episode, we had just wrapped up and the whole time I’m trying to be pleasant and honest, but yet not ever bitter or angry or anything like that.

“It’s not even about the trash bag. Like at the end of the day it was never about the trash bag for me. I was astonished about how it took off. I almost deleted the post because I’m going ‘I feel this comes off as too nasty or bitter, whatever.’ Like I’m being sarcastic obviously and trying to laugh at myself and the situation. Because, to be quite honest, I got my stuff the same way ten years ago.”

James then talked about how she approached this incident differently than the first one.

“The difference is, at that point in my life, I honestly believed it and I took it very much to heart in the sense of like ‘this what the company thinks of me.’ Cause I was in the space of I’d given everything to them. And I always say that I know I made bad decisions and did whatever. But at the same time it didn’t spark there; it sparked at, between the Piggy James stuff, and like, there’s just like all of these things, and even within this last run and even in my response, where’s like this is how I feel I’ve been positioned for the last year. For years, you know?

“It’s okay. It’s good now because I’m in a good space and I’m freed up in the sense that I can now truly say this or express myself in a real fashion without holding back or being in an ugly space about it. Because I just understand it from a different perspective or, I don’t even know.

“But I was just so like ‘wow. They still do this. And this is b------t.’ But it’s also kind of comical when you think about all of this, because it’s literally how I felt how they thought about me for the last three years.”

Despite this, James doesn’t believe this was a message of how WWE, or even Mark Carrano, thinks of her. She revealed she even sympathizes a bit with Carrano, who was fired over this incident, though James still feels he got off fairly easy.

“This was not a direct thing like ‘hey, this is what we think of you.’ This isn’t even a Mark Carrano thing,” James said. “I empathize for Mark and I feel bad he’s taken the full brunt of all this. But at the same time, it sucks, but I can guarantee you that even his pension package is probably more than what I got paid in my last run with WWE.

“So it’s like I don’t feel that bad for Mark, because he was not happy in that situation. And I think that, I don’t know, I was pissed. You know I’m pissed, but I’m angry in a different way. I don’t want to come across as just angry cause I’m not. It’s just more of it’s just a direct reflection of everything that I’ve experienced in coming back.

James then talked about how it felt like she wasn’t respected enough by WWE.”I was happy to take a back seat and take a trainer role or take something. All I asked for was ‘hey can I get an out? Can I get something that I can kind of curtsy out the door?’

“It was never about ‘I want one last run or I want to be a wrestler for the next five years or anything.’ All I wanted was a little respect, so then I could come over and do something I could parlay. And then I wouldn’t feel like there’s unfinished business.”

James then circled back to the trash bag incident. She confirmed, as others have stated, that the practice has been going on for over a decade, and discussed what some of the girls who experienced it for the first time may be thinking in contrast to her own mindset.

“It’s happened for so long. I know it’s happened to countless girls,” James said. “For Billie Kay and Cassie (Peyton Royce), I’m just going, I could probably feel what they were feeling in that moment. Because I remember the first time it happened and where I was, because you do think there’s is a chance for you to come back or a have one more run and you don’t want to burn that bridge. You need to be diplomatic, respectful so you don’t want to piss anyone off so they don’t take this opportunity from you.

“For me I’m like, well, now if they think 41 is old there’s no way I’m coming back for one more run now. And at the same time, knowing what I know now, would I want to? I don’t know.”

Finally James touched on the unnamed person backstage who told her ‘women’s wrestling doesn’t really make money over WrestleMania weekend.’

“I will say this. The person that was/is responsible for me feeling like s--t and like for, I feel like, completely trying to sabotage or devalue me and make feel less than is still very much employed. And that’s f–king the worst, you know what I mean?”

You can watch the full video below.