Paul Heyman On Roman Reigns Sending Daniel Bryan Off SmackDown

Following a big victory on his client's behalf last night on Friday Night SmackDown, Paul Heyman had a lot to get off his chest on today's Talking Smack. When the Talking Smack host/panelist Kayla Braxton asked Heyman his thoughts on Roman Reigns being the one to ban Daniel Bryan from SmackDown, Heyman sat in silence for a moment to collect his thoughts.

After he took a moment, Heyman began his monologue by reflecting on his unbeaten track record in the last three decades and the breakout stars he created like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. But now, he has a name to add to that list: Roman Reigns.

"In WCW, I took a kid under my wing. When the time was appropriate, I delivered him to the doorstep of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. And he went on to be The Undertaker. That's how long I've been associated with and the brains behind true greatness in this industry," Heyman began. "When it came time for that bargain to be collected, 'The Streak,' was conquered by my Beast [Brock Lesnar]. I was with Steve Austin before he was 'Stone Cold.' If you watched the A&E documentary on Steve Austin, he gives me credit for putting the 'Stone Cold' mindset inside his psyche. I was the voice of the 'Voice of the Voiceless' [CM Punk].

"You look at the greatness that I've been associated with, that I've driven, that I've inspired, the 34 years in this business. And what am I with Roman Reigns? Forget about being the 'Special Counsel,' I'm in awe of Roman Reigns. This is a G.O.A.T level of all G.O.A.T levels. I have never, ever, seen greatness like this."

Heyman then mentioned not only did Reigns put an end to Bryan's career on the blue brand, but he also took out the "Rated R Superstar" Edge, who has not been on television since losing to Reigns at WrestleMania 37.

"Daniel Bryan is gone. Off of SmackDown, permanently. How many people have tried to stop the 'Yes Movement' in the past decade? How many people in 20 years have tried to take Daniel Bryan out? This man has gone through it all. Edge? Have you seen Edge around here lately? What could stop Edge? Roman Reigns!" Heyman noted.

Although their sheer focus now is to celebrate Reigns' victory run as of late, there is still another man looming for a shot at the Universal Championship: Cesaro. Heyman strongly advised the "Swiss Superman" to turn around now, or else he might take a massive fall in his career.

"And now, there is Cesaro," Heyman mentioned. "I'm glad Cesaro doesn't have a wife [and] doesn't have any kids, 'cause he doesn't have to be embarrassed and humiliated when he backs out of this situation. Cesaro, for your own good, you better back out of this situation.

"Humpty Swiss Superman sat on a wall. Humpty Swiss Superman will have a great fall. All the SmackDown creative and all the McMahon's will not put Humpty Swiss Superman back together again. Not when he comes up against your 'Tribal Chief.'"

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