Rey Mysterio On Dominik Wearing A Mask, Says He Will Have To Earn It

Dominik and Rey Mysterio made history this past weekend at WWE WrestleMania Backlash when they became the first father/son duo to win tag team championships in WWE. Joining WWE After the Bell, Dominik spoke about the journey it took him to arrive in WWE, saying his debut was very unexpected. Being the son of one of the greatest masked wrestlers of all time, Dominik spoke about how surprised he was to debut at SummerSlam against Seth Rollins and how the original plan was for him to wear his father's mask.


"It kind of just happened," Dominik said. "It was so weird, we never expected anything. Opportunities were kind of just presented and I ran with them. One day I showed up to tapings and it said 'Dominik Mysterio' on the screen and it threw me off because there was music and everything. I sat there scratching my head and I asked my dad 'Is this for me?' [Rey said] 'Ain't nobody else here that's Dominik Mysterio.'

"When he first told me too that they wanted me to have a match with Seth [Rollins] at SummerSlam, I thought he was kidding, never in a million years would I have thought that I'd debut at one of the biggest pay per views against the biggest names. It was kind of just like, we had no idea who Dominik Mysterio was and whether I was going to wear the mask. We had this whole plan set up on how I was going to debut, mask, everything but everything happened so fast we just ran with it."


Rey recently spoke had talked about Dominik wearing a mask. The 46-year-old said Dominik will still have a chance to earn the mask someday.

"That was the idea from day one when he started training," Rey said. "I said Dom will continue with this legacy and carry it on. We never really had the opportunity to sit down and discuss our plans which now in retrospect we can look at it and say it's still not late to make things happen like we had it planned out. I think Dom is going to have to earn the mask now. He's on his way, eventually one day, maybe the mask will be on."

Over the years, Rey Mysterio has had some great wrestling attire, including Joker, The Flash and Captain America inspired gear. Dominik said that he loved his father's outfits throughout the years and wanted to pay homage to his father someday with his gear.

"That's all I think about when it comes to gear and stuff, like what can I do to not replicate but almost honor in a way," Dominik said. "At the same time it's so hard cause all of his outfits have been so badass. I literally told him, I just want to come out with your gear. I would love to bring back some of his old stuff and put a unique twist to it."

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