The Mortal Kombat reboot released last month and The Miz was quick to remind everyone he’d like to play the role of Johnny Cage. Miz ended up receiving a response on social media from co-creator Ed Boon, “guy makes a compelling case.”

TMZ Sports has since caught up with Miz to ask him more about wanting to play Cage.

“TMZ always following me everywhere I go. I think that gets me into the Johnny Cage realm of who I should be as the character,” Miz joked. “Honestly, if I have a shot at it, I would definitely want to make sure I give everything I possibly can to make sure that not only the production company, and the director are happy with the character I get, but also, the fans. They are the ones who are so adamant about Johnny Cage being in the movie.

“I’ve never seen so much reaction towards a movie that is great. When a movie is great, people are like, ‘Oh! This is amazing!’ But all you heard was, ‘Where’s Johnny Cage? Where’s Johnny Cage?’ So, you know that this is an iconic character in the Mortal Kombat franchise and it needs to be done right. And if I’m the person to do, then so be it, I’m ready to go.”

Miz was asked about his background in combat, and he noted while he’s not a black belt in karate, he would be sure to learn every move necessary to make it look perfect. Since Miz has mentioned wanting to play Cage, fans have been supportive of this role for him.

“It’s cool, honestly, when my name comes up to anything, like, ‘Hey, Miz should do this.’ It’s usually a lot of negativity,” Miz said. “It’s usually a lot of, ‘No! He sucks, we hate him! He’s horrible.’ But this was the first time my name was dropped in something and everyone gravitated towards the positive side.

“Now, I was really appreciative towards that because  it really hit me, I was like, ‘Wow.’ I remember playing this game when I was a kid, like, Sega Genesis, I would never play Super Nintendo because it didn’t have the blood. I remember playing as Johnny Cage and to see this kind of all happening it would be a dream come true.”

You can check out Miz’s full comments in the video below.

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