On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with Ross and Marshall Von Erich. It has recently been reported that MLW and WWE are in negotiations for a possible working relationship, and Hausman asked The Von Erichs their thoughts on the news.

“I saw that. I did see that, and I haven’t got a chance to talk to anybody about it,” Marshall admitted. “I’m really curious about that and seeing how that even came about.”

“I think Court’s gonna look at it, and he’ll see if it’s in our best interest,” Ross said. “He may talk to them, but Court’s not going to be awestruck by the name or anything.”

“MLW’s his first priority,” Marshall noted. “We’ll see what happens. I mean, we want to work with everybody. So if the Court wants us to beat up on some NXT guys or WWE guys, it doesn’t matter, bring them in. It’d be sick, but let’s see what Court does. Let’s see what the boss man says.”

MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu was on The Wrestling Inc. Daily a few weeks ago where he gave some insight as to where he stands at the Anoa’i family table. Fatu vs. his cousin and Universal Champion Roman Reigns is a match many fans would like to see, and Hausman asked The Von Erichs if they have any dream WWE matches in mind.

“There would definitely be matches we would enjoy, but our focus has been on MLW because there’s tag teams right now in MLW we haven’t even worked with yet, Marshall pointed out. It’s been mostly Team Filthy and a few other guys, Spirit Squad, Contra. I want to try to get everyone down in MLW to really establish [and] to prove to ourselves we’re a great tag team, and then anybody else that wants to come [from] these other promotions, Japanese promotions. We want everybody. We don’t want to limit ourselves.”

“Maybe we’re biased, but we’ve always believed in MLW, the product that it has, the team and the production,” Ross added. “If the right people see this and it’s already happening. We got the Vice thing going. So the sky’s the limit. I feel like there’s a lot of growing coming our way.”

Triller Fight Club’s Ray Flores was also a recent guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, and he talked about joining the MLW broadcast team. Hausman asked The Von Erich’s thoughts on Flores’ inclusion into MLW.

“I was pumped,” Marshall stated. “Watching him during the Paul – Askren fight, that was cool. Court shot me a text and said, ‘This guy’s gonna be a part of MLW. You got check him out.’ He was the best announcer there I thought, personally, and I can’t wait to actually physically meet him. That’s gonna be cool.”

The Von Erichs can now be seen every week as part of MLW on VICE TV. You can following them on Twitter @RossVonErich and @MarshallVonEric. The full audio and video from their interview on The Wrestling Inc. Daily can be found below: