Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman recently sat down with Triller Fight Club and MLW broadcaster Ray Flores on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Flores was added to the broadcast team on MLW Never Say Never, and Flores explained how he got involved with MLW.

“Court Bauer is a guy that I used to work with at Combates Americas. I worked with Combates Americas years ago, and Court was brought on as a creative mind behind the scenes, a producer,” Flores recalled. “So Court and I have stayed in touch, and I love what he’s doing with MLW and that entire roster. I love the uniqueness. It’s so fresh for sports entertainment. We were talking. I go, ‘How do I get involved with MLW?’ I reached out to him because I’m like, ‘I love what you’re doing.’ I’m a pro wrestling guy at heart.

“Bottom line is this, I’m a pro wrestling guy at heart. I’m a big boxing guy. [Julio César] Chavez Sr. is like a god, but I was a little Hulkamaniac too. I’m not ashamed to say that. I grew up watching Gorilla Monsoon, and Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, and Gene Okerlund and Howard Finkel, guys that I looked up to in terms of how to broadcast not just sports entertainment wise but broadcast. Those guys were legends and will forever stand the test of time.

“So to be able to get the opportunity with MLW and bring my perspective and again, Court doesn’t produce me. I’m like, ‘What’s your thought process?’ He goes, ‘Just be who you are,’ and I’m like, ‘Be who I am?’ So I’ll be honest, Court kind of prepared me for Triller, not that I’m dropping F bombs on MLW because I’m not, but he’s just letting me be who I am and call matches, and Saint Laurent is fantastic. Him and I have a unique and fun chemistry. I love the roster. I’m with them for over the next year, and I’m really excited about what’s to come.”

Flores is also a former pro wrestling manager from the Chicago indie scene who actually used to work with Hausman years ago. Flores noted how that experience helped him as a pro wrestling broadcaster.

“You know what’s awesome is Court Bauer gave me the greatest compliment… Court told me that me learning how to be a pro wrestling manager helped me out because it taught me the foundation, taught me the basics of the business,” Flores said. “And he said, you learned the old-school way. I love old [Jean-Claude] Van Damme movies, and when they talk about those Van Damme movies, you learn the old school way of martial arts. I learned the old school way of pro wrestling, and then I brought that mindset.

“And with the people that I worked with, I worked with so many phenomenal athletes, Nick, and guys that you worked with. They taught me so much, so you never lose that. I always had in my back pocket, when I got with MLW, I kind of just refreshed it and talked with Court and learning his guidance and stuff. It kind of all snowballed together and makes up what my style is on the air on a regular weekly basis.”

MLW has recently signed a new TV deal with Vice TV. Flores reacted to the news and revealed the big plans MLW has this year.

“Bro, Court Bauer again! We’re going to crank it up to 100,” Flores expressed. “It’s weird to say ‘we’ because I’m newly kind of saying that because I like to give respect to the companies I work with, but we’re now on Vice, and we’re going to really turn the heat up. We’re coming back to Philadelphia July 10, 2300 Arena (ECW Arena).

“That’s a building that has rich tradition and rich history. I think MLW fans are going to see something unique, and fresh and different. You’re going to get the same MLW, but we’re going to turn it up to 100. So get ready for a fun late spring and early summer time.”

Hausman then asked Flores if he foresees MLW doing live television for Vice TV.

“I would hope so. I mean it all depends on what the athletes and what Court’s vision is,” Flores admitted. “He knows that, hey, when he’s ready to go and he moves in a direction, we’re all like, ‘Okay, here we go.’ We’re following the mindset. It’s pretty much like the WWE when it comes to Vince McMahon.

“When Vince has a vision, people follow that, and there’s a reason why the WWE has been so successful forever and has transcended the business. MLW is carving out their own niche and creating their own story, and Court Bauer’s the one leading the charge. So if he says we’re doing live TV, let’s rock and roll. Let’s make it happen. I got plenty of suits in my closet, so I’m ready to go.”

You can follow Ray on Twitter @SBRFlores. The full audio from Ray’s interview on The Wrestling Inc. Daily can be found below: