WWE held a special Throwback edition of SmackDown this week as a special tie-in with FOX programming.

FOX Sports previously announced a line-up of “#NASCARThrowback” programming to air Friday and Saturday of this week with NASCAR. It looks like WWE was possibly asked to hold a special Throwback edition of SmackDown, but it’s interesting how FOX Sports didn’t give much publicity to WWE like they did with NASCAR this week.

It’s also interesting how last week WWE originally announced that this would be a “Go Back” edition of SmackDown. A few days ago they started doing away with that language and referred to it as a “Throwback” version of the show.

Tonight’s show opened with a retro-themed intro video and theme song. The set was also upgraded with a version of the iconic SmackDown fist. Michael Cole wore one of his looks from several years back while Pat McAfee dressed as a younger version of WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, which he confirmed on commentary by saying he was dressed like a future billionaire.

WWE added to the retro theme by airing retro commercials for things like ICOPRO and ice cream bars. They also aired replays of legendary SmackDown moments from over the years.

WWE also released the 2006 Ruthless Aggression intro video with today’s SmackDown Superstars. The biggest surprises from the show were WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long making a surprise appearance for two segments, and Jimmy Uso returning from his 2020 injury.

You can click here for our full recap of this week’s Throwback SmackDown, which includes video clips. Below are several related photos, videos and tweets, including the recreated 2006 intro, a video package of moments that aired between matches, and more: