Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman is back to host the latest episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast! The Wrestling Inc Daily is released Monday-Friday afternoon on all major podcast platforms. Click HERE to subscribe on iTunes.

Today’s episode features:

Michael Wiseman joining Nick to talk all the pro wrestling news from the last twenty-four hours. Including:

* AEW resuming touring

* When WWE could resume touring

* WWE not restricting Daniel Bryan mentions by Superstars

* Smackdown fallout

* Triple H’s program with Booker T not being included in A&E’s Biography

Nick’s conversation with Jeff Jarrett. Featuring Jeff discussing:

* His new podcast with Conrad Thompson

* Lessons he learned from his dad about promoting

* Andy Kaufman’s influence on the pro wrestling business

* First impressions of Vince McMahon

* If David Arquette has redeemed himself as a WCW Champion

The latest installment of The Wrestling Inc. Daily mailbag discussing who you would like to see John Cena face at SummerSlam

You can listen to past episodes of The Wrestling Inc Daily here. You can find the full audio from today’s show, as well as the video of the news segment and Nick’s interview with Jeff, via the embedded players below: