WWE is set to bring back the Million Dollar Belt to advance Ted DiBiase’s NXT storyline with Cameron Grimes, according to the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast.

It was noted by Andrew Zaharian that DiBiase will bring back the belt during his “Million Dollar Face-Off” segment with Grimes this coming Wednesday on NXT.

“He’s gonna appear in the ring next week with Grimes…Million Dollar Belt is back,” Zaharian  said [h/t/ WrestlingNews.Co]. “I can confirm the Million Dollar Belt is back baby!”

Zaharian apologized to his source since he was not supposed to break the news until a few days before NXT.

“Sorry to the individual that told me but Million Dollar Belt is coming back,” Zaharian  said. “I don’t know for how long but they’re gonna have it on TV. People are very excited within WWE about the Million Dollar Belt.”

DiBiase appeared on NXT this past week and cost Grimes a singles match against Jake Atlas. After the loss, Grimes tried to get his hands on DiBiase, who drove away from the Capitol Wrestling Center in his limousine.

As seen in the video below, DiBiase first unveiled the Million Dollar Belt during an episode of WWF Superstars in 1989.

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