Earlier this week WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz [Drake Younger] was on a Zoom call with the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners. In the video, Wuertz can be seen arguing that a mask mandate “puts vulnerable children at risk for being preyed upon by traffickers,” since “non-verbal cues are often a first sign for distress in identifying potential victims.”

Wuertz’s “child sex traffickers support COVID mask mandates” theory has been met with a lot of flak on social media. He has posted a rant on Facebook to defend his “radical views.”

My wife said some folks are apparently writing about our “Radical Views “. *Human Trafficking is modern-day slavery and we seek to eradicate it *Abortion is Murder and needs to be Abolished *Children in my community that are being forced by local government to wear masks for 8 hours a day against their parents wishes is abuse. We have a God-ordained duty to speak up for the ‘least of these’ and petition our magistrates to prevent harm upon children. If this is “Radical” then label me an extremist for Christ. Were not called to fit in with the world. Were called to serve God!…”We ought to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29

Former WWE Champion CM Punk recently took a jab at Wuertz and several others in NXT, calling “the qanon stable in nxt” as the best thing going in pro wrestling.

Wuertz was suspended earlier this year and barred from the Capitol Wrestling Center at the WWE Performance Center for a brief period. It was later reported that Wuertz was asked to stay home for two weeks due to COVID-19 protocol since he wasn’t wearing a mask.