SmackDown Tag Team Titles Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

We go back to the ring and the title match is announced anyway as SmackDown Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode come to the ring. Out next comes Rey Mysterio, announced as the sole challenger.

Rey hits the ring and attacks both opponents. Roode decks him from behind but Rey sends Roode into Ziggler, knocking Ziggler to the floor. Rey with a close 2 count on Roode. Rey keeps fighting and sends Ziggler into the announce table with a baseball slide. Roode decks him again but Rey slides under the bottom rope to splash Ziggler on the floor. Roode follows to the floor and hits Rey from behind again. Roode goes to send Rey into the ring post but Rey slides out and shoves Roode into the post.

Rey runs the apron and nails a senton to Roode on the floor. Rey returns to the ring and gets a pop. Cole confirms the titles are on the line here. Roode returns to the ring but Rey drops him and works him over. Roode kicks Rey in the gut. Rey counters a move and rolls Roode for a 2 count. Roode comes right back with a big clothesline. Ziggler tags in with another close 2 count. Ziggler works Rey over and keeps him down in the corner as the referee warns him.

Roode tags back in and delivers big chops in the corner, then whips Rey across the ring into the opposite corner. Fans boo as Roode keeps Rey down. Rey blocks a shot and drops Roode face-first into the turnbuckles. Ziggler gets knocked off the apron. Rey fights Roode off and goes to the top but Roode knocks his legs out. Rey falls and is turned upside down in the corner in a Tree of Woe now. Roode kicks away as fans boo and the referee warns him. Rey falls to the floor, clutching his left knee.

Ziggler tags in and taunts Rey on the floor, then goes to work on the hurt leg. Ziggler rolls Rey back in for a 2 count. Roode tags back in and keeps Rey down. Rey tries to get up but he falls right back down and the referee checks on him. Roode stays on Rey, focusing on the leg and taunting him. Rey fights out of the corner, hitting both opponents. Ziggler comes in for the double team Fame-asser but Rey somehow kicks out. Ziggler can’t believe it.

Roode tags back in and yells in Rey’s face. Ziggler tags in and goes to the floor. Roode launches Rey under the bottom rope to the floor, right into a waiting superkick from Ziggler. Rey is down on the floor as the champs return to the ring and wait for the count out. Rey makes it back in right before the 10 count and Ziggler isn’t happy. Fans cheer Rey on as Roode tags back in. Roode headbutts Rey back to the mat. Ziggler tags right back in. Rey counters a double suplex with a big double DDT in the middle of the ring for a big pop. Rey sends Roode into the ring post shoulder-first. Rey tangles with Ziggler and sends him into the opposite post shoulder-first.

Roode is down on the floor now but he crawls back to his feet. Dominik Mysterio is walking down the ramp now, clutching his hurt ribs. Dominik goes to the apron and waits for the tag now. Rey asks what he’s doing out here. Ziggler rocks Rey. Rey drops Ziggler into position for 619. Rey rocks Roode off the apron. Ziggler comes right back and hits Rey with a Zig Zag but Rey kicks out just in time for a pop.

Roode scoops Rey and taunts Dominik, then drops Rey for another close 2 count. Roode takes Rey from corner to corner. Roode takes Rey back to the second turnbuckle but Rey resists. Rey with a super bulldog from the top. Rey fights Roode off. Dominik finally gets the tag. Roode misses a clothesline and Dominik knocks Ziggler off the apron. Dominik and Roode go at it now and Roode nails a big Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Ziggler tags back in for the big double team neckbreaker but Dominik still kicks out. Ziggler can’t believe it.

Ziggler launches Dominik into the ring post shoulder-first as Rey watches. Roode yells in Dominik’s face. Ziggler cranks up but Dominik cuts him off with a superkick of his own. They both go down. Rey and Roode tag in. Rey with a top rope senton, then a shot to knock Ziggler off the apron. Roode catches Rey with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a close 2 count. Roode is frustrated now. Roode grabs Rey and wastes time talking trash to Dominik.

Rey blocks the powerbomb and fights free. Rey sends Roode into the turnbuckle, then hits 619 in the corner. Dominik tags in as Rey slides under the rope and hits a Sunset Bomb to Ziggler into the barrier. Dominik goes to the top and hits the Frogsplash on Roode for the pin to win the titles.

Winners and New SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Dominik and Rey Mysterio

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