On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with Axel Tishcer, formerly known as Alexander Wolfe. Tischer talked about his time in WWE, and he discussed what his relationship with Triple H was like.

“I’m not a guy who wants to get too deep into that, maybe it’s a difference of culture,” Tischer said. “For example, if I asked you for a meeting and maybe I’ll ask you twice, but as soon as you say, ‘I’ll get back to you,’ I will not bother you anymore, even if it means we don’t talk for 10 years. I don’t want to run behind you and just beg you for attention. I don’t do this. I don’t want to kiss somebody’s ass. I’m not saying you have to do that with Triple H because he seems to be a very cool guy. I never had, with him, a really deep relationship. Small talk, that’s it. That’s what it was, but we never had a big conversation about anything.

“I asked him a lot of things about what I thought I needed to ask him because it’s his idea with Sanity, and a lot of times with production, I want to ask him because a lot of times, when you ask a producer, and he tells you to do this, a lot of times, it’s the opposite. And it’s not hating on a producer, but you have to ask the boss how he wants to have his product. That’s my opinion, same goes with the main roster. A lot of times, you’re in the dark, and somebody tells you go to the right, but you have to go to the left because to the right is not the best way to go right now.

“When I had a question, I would go up to him and ask, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ I wasn’t even sure how to call him because everybody calls him Hunter, or Paul, or sometimes it was Mr. Levesque or hey boss. A lot of times, I try to avoid speaking to him, especially where TV productions are because he’s so busy. He probably has the other TV production in two days in his head and then some other guy’s on the phone because his position is very busy.”

Tischer continued as he had a unique way to describe how he tried to talk to Triple H.

“I always felt treated well and treated right because he’s a guy who likes to talk with people,” Tischer noted. “He is always open for conversation when he has to time, but again, I will not. I always feel weird, especially the last time I tried to talk to him. I felt like a freaking creep because I was always standing in the back just waiting for the moment. ‘Okay, is free he now?’ And I tried to read the person. ‘Is he in the mood to talk or should I do it the next week or something?’ So at first, I looked like a creep just standing 10 yards behind him always looking for an opportunity, but I feel uncomfortable doing that.

“I was trying to figure out where we’re going with the story, but it is how it is. I know for example, EY (Eric Young) had a better relationship with him, and that was cool for me. Also, English is not my first language, and a lot of times I stumble over my words. Sometimes the conversation is not as fun as you would speak with a native English speaking person.”

In a media call before “Takeover: Stand and Deliver”, Triple H disputed a report about a backstage meeting regarding NXT’s move to Tuesday. Tischer revealed whether or not AEW was mentioned in that meeting or backstage in general.

“No, that was never a thing,” Tischer revealed. “I remember there was one meeting where it got mentioned that NXT will move to Tuesdays, and he mentioned that it’s not about the competition with AEW because NXT was always on a Wednesday. Even if it was on The Network, we always had the Wednesday slot because of reasons.

“I never remembered the reasons, but he also mentioned the newspapers that tried to do the Wednesday Night War, but he wasn’t keen on that. He was just like, ‘I don’t care. I care about my guys. I care about you guys. I care about that we put the best product out as possible, that you guys succeed, that we as a whole succeed’ because he always sees NXT as a family, so he wasn’t very much about ‘yeah, let’s go kick those guys’ ass!'”

Tischer then discussed competition in wrestling. He also gave his thoughts on the “Wednesday Night War” between AEW and NXT.

“It’s always a competition no matter which promotion. Competition keeps us guys thriving,” Tischer stated. “A lot of people say competition is healthy for the business, and even before AEW, we were always in competition. There are more promotions out there other than AEW still. He also mentioned, for example, the demo because a lot of people are like, ‘AEW scored more viewers in the 18-49 demo,’ and the funny part was he gave us a little insight.

“USA network, they are not aiming for that demo. They can have the demo because it’s not important about who has the bigger ratings. You have a contract with a channel. That’s what I’m say right now not what he said. You have a contract with the channel. They pay you an amount per year to produce the product. As long as they’re happy, nothing else counts because you have to satisfy the guys who pay you and also the guys who you switch in.

“And if you’re in the demo and you want to watch NXT, you watch NXT. If you want to watch AEW, watch AEW. That’s the beauty of freedom of choice. I think it got too oversaturated with this Wednesday Night War because everybody wanted to go back to the Monday Night War because it was so exciting, and they battled each other and it was about ratings. ‘There’s another war coming with AEW. One of the main bosses from AEW, he got fired by WWE, so he wants to take them out of business.’ That’s too corny for me.”

You can follow Axel on twitter @axeman3016. You can find the full audio and video from part one of Wolfe’s interview below:


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