On today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion Axel Tischer, formerly known as Alexander Wolfe. Hausman and Tischer discussed Tischer’s departure from WWE, and he commented on how he wasn’t released but rather his contract is not being renewed.

“Otherwise, I would have the no-compete clause, and they have to pay me as well,” Tischer noted. “So that’s why I don’t see a difference in that. For some people, it’s different. For me, I could say, ‘Yeah, I was never released. They just let me go,’ but it doesn’t matter. You don’t work for the company anymore, and that’s the point of it. I’m not sorry anymore, and I’m really excited to go back to the indie circuit because a lot of things have changed, especially in Europe, especially in Germany.

“I’m excited to go back in that scene, maybe just go to other countries, have a chance to travel again if everything opens up, which will sooner or later because I got some some some friends, they sent me a tour schedule for all the music festivals in Germany. So when you see music festivals in Germany, they’re packed with people. It’s open air. So something is going back to normal, and I’m really keen that everything will be good in the next month and wrestling can pick up again and promotions can do shows again.”

Tischer’s last match in WWE was against Killian Dain. After the match, Imperium members Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner attacked Tischer thus kicking him out of the group. Hausman asked Tischer if he saw his WWE departure coming before the segment.

“No, not exactly with the segment. I had kind of a bad feeling because I tried to figure out a couple of weeks before where the plan was going,” Tischer recalled. “What is the plan? Where do we want to lead into the storyline? Is there a reunion with Killian Dain for Sanity 2.0? Or, is there something going on that maybe they kick me out? Why turn? Where are we going? Nobody really got back to me.

“It felt like some people dodged me. ‘Oh, he could ask a question, but we can’t tell him now that he will not get renewed.’ In that case, it kind of clicks afterwards. After the message came, it was kind of like, ‘Wait a minute, that’s why they tried to avoid talking to me. That’s why they’re not getting back to me,’ and it could be just my imagination. If the person that hears that right now could think, ‘Oh no, he’s full of s**t.’ That’s okay.”

Tischer continued as he reflected on the angle itself and gave his own suggestions of what could have changed.

“The angle was alright. I hated the time limit for that,” Tischer admitted. “I wasn’t keen on six minutes, but you cannot do anything about it. I had the match against Killian Dain, so it’s a payoff from the story we built over weeks, and I thought we had good layers to it. We only got six minutes, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s not bad,’ because in the end, it will be just another angle and we continue the next week. Then the decision was Marcel and Fabian turn on you. That’s quick.

“I thought that we could’ve put more layers in the whole story until maybe WALTER is back on NXT U.S., and we can explode everything and blah, blah, blah. You could build it up a little bit more, but whatever. That’s what it wants. That’s what it gets, and we always give 100%, so we did this. We even got cut down, so we had time for a two-minute match, and we just put something together. We worked the angle. Guys text me afterwards and I thought it looked great. It looked brutal. It looked like they destroyed me, and then the day after, I got the call.

“They told me that, and it was kind of like, ‘Hmm, okay, that’s why they rushed that through.’ And also, I hear that the people who got released, the day I got let go, it was three weeks in the making. They tried to do this three weeks before that Wednesday I got the call. So I thought, ‘okay, that’s maybe the reason why they rushed it because they had the other guys get out,’ but they have to do it all at once, or they want to do it all at once, depends what their plan or what their strategy is on that.

“It felt a little bit like, oh, that’s a cheap shot, but in the end, thinking about it, I had the chance to to have my last match under WWE umbrella against one of my best friends Killian Dain. We traveled a lot over the time with Sanity, and also I got the farewell from two friends I always had in wrestling business, especially Marcel Barthel, who I’ve known for nine years over in Germany, wXw and then he came over. In the end, it was good because I got the farewell from the guys, and hopefully, they get pushed to the moon and become successful, become millionaires.”

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