Recently Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion Axel Tischer, formerly known as Alexander Wolfe, following Tischer’s recent departure from the WWE. During the interview Hausman and Tischer discussed the transition of SAnitY from NXT to the main roster in the WWE, and why Tischer felt that SAnitY didn’t click on the main roster.

“Number one, it was just us three without Nikki Cross,” noted Tischer. “Number two, we got called up but weren’t used right away. Number three, we never really had the chance to speak with Vince McMahon the first time because he wasn’t around at the time. Number four probably was because NXT and the WWE are different kinds of products. What works on NXT does not always work on SmackDown or RAW, which are more mainstream than NXT.”

Tischer would go on to discuss the momentum that SAnitY lost after being called up to SmackDown from NXT to the main roster, and how he was optimistic at first. He then detailed how the group would go on to quickly stall out due to the way they were booked.

“I think that the first vignettes they brought out were sugar sweet, I loved them,” recalled Tischer. “It kind of described everything that we were all about. You see ruins of buildings; you see a little bit of the chaos, the riots, and everything. You hear us speak, and how they did it, it felt kind of like an apocalypse and riot would come through the WWE. By then they [took] too much time to pick up the steam from NXT. They showed the vignettes for two or three weeks in a row, then they bumped it down to social media, then again nothing happened.

“Then I think a couple of weeks later, we debuted and then we lost on the SmackDown after that, we got beat clean. Then we disappeared for a couple weeks, then we came back and had a little program with The New Day. I remember we had this one tables match on Extreme Rules. Next SmackDown we got beat clean again, and then we disappeared again. So, a lot of the time it is important to be in the right place at the right time. We got told that they have ideas, and that, ‘Vince is very excited to work with you guys, we have a lot of ideas for you guys, and you will be on every show.’ But they couldn’t pull the trigger fast enough . . . yeah, the idea a month ago was great, but right now it doesn’t fit the whole program so we have to wait for all that, and yeah, they dropped the ball.”

When an NXT talent is called up to the main roster, they normally receive a new contract with better pay. Tischer was asked about his contract after he was called up to the main roster and if there were any changes to its status when he was sent back down to NXT.

“No,” Tischer answered quickly. “I had just signed the contract and had two years left. So you just stay under contract, and that’s it. Which I am very grateful for because I went to NXT UK and just made main roster money, so that was sweet.”

You can follow Axel on twitter @axeman3016. You can find the full audio and video from part one of Wolfe’s interview below: