During his recent appearance on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, AEW star and Olympic bronze medal boxer Anthony Ogogo was asked if the boxing skills of any AEW wrestler have caught his eye.

“I haven’t sparred with anyone but I’ve had matches with a few of them in training,” Ogogo responded. “Jack Evans is a big boxing fan, which surprised me to be honest. I wouldn’t have taken him for a boxing fan.

“Thunder Rosa is another. She’s tough, man. I know our women’s division caught some flak in the beginning, which I thought was unfair because our girls work really hard. But our women’s division now has come leaps and bounds over the last 12 months or so. Thunder Rosa has been a great addition.

“She’s so tough. Like I’d train her at around 3pm and then she’ll go wrestle in a banger on AEW Dark or AEW Dark: Elevation at 6pm. She’s as tough as they come. I have so much respect for her both as a person and pro wrestler.”

Ogogo added, “Britt Baker is amazing, too. Tay Conti knows some boxing as well. And so does Danny Limelight, we train sometimes. So, yea, it’s a locker room full of people who genuinely want to get better.”

When asked to explain what injuries Austin Gunn suffered during their match on AEW Dynamite last month, Ogogo replied, “I’ll tell you what happened. Austin’s what, 210 [pounds]? I pushed Austin away, I picked him up and punched him square in the face. That’s what happened. F–k him.”

Ogogo said he had no issue putting Gunn out of commission for 8-10 weeks, especially after losing three years of his pro boxing career to a devastating eye injury.

“I’ve got no remorse for that,” said Ogogo, who fractured his eye socket in 2017 and was subsequently registered blind. “I lost a good portion of my career, three years of my life. I had to sit out as people with half my ability, talent, dedication and desire go onto become world champions with millions of dollars. Again, I’ve got no problems. This is big boy stuff, it’s boxing or wrestling or the fight game. It is what it is.”

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