Ariane Andrew Teases "Pretty Big" Music Collaboration, Talks End Of Total Divas

On today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with former WWE Superstar Ariane Andrew. Andrew has a new single out, "Born With It" remixed by Damon Sharpe, and she talked about the collaboration came together.

"When we initially had the studio in West Hollywood, before COVID happened, his publicist actually reached out and was like, 'Would you guys be open to having Damon Sharpe on the show?' We saw his list of people he's worked with and were like, 'Yeah, of course we'd love to have him come on and talk about music,' and now, especially with him, he's not just writing and producing but he's making his own music now," Andrew noted. "He's stepping in the limelight. That was his story on Sippin' The Tea. We had a vibe, and we stayed in touch since.

"He's taught me that music is very hard, just like anything that you get into. People think you just go into a studio and record a song and it becomes a hit overnight. It's a lot of time. It's a process. First, it's breaking down the beats, going back and forth. Let this breathe a little bit. This is too fast. Can you slow this down? When we finally have the song done, what date are we going to put it out?

"When you upload it to the streaming platforms, it takes about three weeks, so then it's marketing. What blogs are going to pick it up? How are we going to make this happen? Now I gotta meet together. Let's produce content so we can promote it. It's a lot of work, just like anything else in life. You want something to be successful, you got to put in the work."

Hausman asked Andrew if she has heard her song being played in clubs yet.

"LA is still not officially even open," Andrew laughed. "There's no clubs. Here in Arizona, everything is wide open, and my plan is for the music to be poppin in all the clubs, especially in the LGBTQ community because I love my LGBTQ and they're like, 'This is a bop.' And it's pride month so want to celebrate in many different ways."

Sharpe has worked with many artists like Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and Pitbull. Andrew revealed if she will be working with any other artists under Sharpe's umbrella.

"Not actually under his umbrella," Andrew said. "It's actually really crazy. Music's really expanding. I have a feature coming out. I cannot say the name, but she's pretty big and she gets millions of streams a month. And I just did a feature on her song, and it's gonna come out this summer. So I'm super excited about that."

The last Total Divas episode was in 2019. Andrew reflected on her time on the hit reality series.

"I actually had the Bella Twins on Sippin' The Tea," Andrew said. "We were talking about that, and I was telling them they've paved a huge wave and they were like, 'We were the OGs of Total Divas.' I feel very blessed and grateful that I had that opportunity. That was so big with WWE, the behind the scenes and knowing the stuff that goes on.

"I feel very fortunate that I've got to be a part of that, even though I didn't last as an OG forever, but I always say never say never. How many things get rebooted or come back to life? I just did an audition with my coach a few days ago for Saved by the Bell, that's rebooted. There's always so many reboots. If it happens to be the end, which I feel like the pandemic had a lot to do with that, I could definitely see it coming back, but they need something fresh because right now, the women's division is stale."

It was recently reported that Total Bellas will be ending along with Total Divas. Andrew gave her thoughts on the likely end to both shows.

"I'm surprised though because with the twins, they were able to still film during the pandemic because that's family,"  Andrew pointed out. "It's different when you have a cast of six plus who are in different states, in different places at the time of coronavirus. You can't really have people filming if everyone's in different states, in different places, but if the f**king Kardashians can do it for as long as they did, why can't there be a reboot? Maybe there's something new and fresh in the works?"

Ariane Andrew's new single Born With It remixed by Damon Sharpe is now available on Spotify and all major music platforms. You can find Ariane's full interview via the embedded players below.

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