WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca is anticipating a rematch in the near future with Sasha Banks, who has been off WWE TV since their match at WrestleMania 37.

Belair believes “no one lost that night” at Raymond James Stadium, since the the historical significance of her moment with Banks overshadowed the match itself.

“That night at WrestleMania, our match was about so much more than winning the title,” Belair told Sports Illustrated. “We made history. And I’m fully expecting a rematch.

“That moment was bigger than us. Even though I won the title, no one lost that night. That’s why there are videos of Sasha smiling at the end. She had so much fulfillment from what came out of that match. Now, when she comes back and the title is on the line, we’ll see who walks out as champion.”

With WWE returning on the road starting July 16, Belair is particularly eager to take the WWE Universe on a journey with her.

“Everyone is part of this,” Belair stressed. “It’s more than just me, and this is my chance to share it. I’ve found myself very vulnerable in some of my moments, but that’s because I’m opening up to invite people to come on this journey. When I hold the title up in the air, I want everyone to know this is theirs, too.”

Banks is being advertised for the live SmackDown on July 16 at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. While Belair and Banks could potentially have their rematch at SummerSlam on August 21, the EST of WWE has yet to end her rivalry with Bayley, who mocked her from the commentary booth this past Friday on SmackDown.