On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with legendary pro wrestling journalist Bill Apter. The two discussed the current state of WWE, including WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns’ recent title defense against Rey Mysterio inside Hell In A Cell.

“That was a pay-per-view main event. That would sell out any arena, and Rey Mysterio, I love him because here, he lost the match, but he doesn’t lose any of his greatness,” Apter said. “He tapped out. The match looked like a shoot half the time. It was so good, and so well done. I want to complement both of them, and Roman Reigns has become such an amazing character. I don’t even know if he knew he could do what he’s doing. I think he’s fabulous.”

Apter later discussed the build-up to the Reigns – Mysterio Hell in a Cell match.

“Rey got a lot of time alone in the ring with no interference at the beginning of SmackDown, and you could see how emotional he was,” Apter stated. “And you were looking at his eyes and going like, ‘this is for real. This is for real.’ It’s that feeling that I used to get when I was a teenager watching wrestling. When the match happened, it was the build up to it, even just that night, it was like, I can’t wait for this main event, and that’s what wrestling shows should be.”

Over the weekend Paul Heyman appeared on Talking Smack and noted that The Tribal Chief’s dance card is currently open. Heyman would go on to antagonize the Smackdown locker room and asked “Who wants to make a go of it?” this Friday night.

“The open challenge for Roman Reigns is going to be one of The Usos,” Apter speculated. “I don’t know it for a fact. Everybody’s going, ‘He knows. They tell him everything.’ No, I don’t know. It’s going to be an Uso. It’s going to be Jimmy. I was waiting for Jimmy to pull that behind the back attack, and it just wasn’t the right moment. It’s gonna be Jimmy.”

You can follow Bill on Twitter @Apter1Wrestling. You can find Apter’s full interview via the embedded players below.

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