Rey Mysterio And Billy Kidman Recall Their Time As WCW Cruiserweight Tag Champions

Recently on WWE's The Bump, the first-ever father-son SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Rey and Dominik Mysterio, spoke with the panel about the numerous accolades Rey had in his career, but more specifically, in his tag team career.

One of the first stats that they talked about is how many times Rey has won various tag team championships across the board from WCW to WWE with eight different tag partners (ranging from Billy Kidman, Konnan, Eddie Guerrero, Juventud Guerrera, Rob Van Dam, Edge and Batista). When asked what's his secret towards having so many auspicious tag title accolades and partners, Rey revealed that it's all about being personable and absorbent that helped him maintain and grow as a tag team competitor.

"I'm very easy to get along with inside and outside of the ring. I'm like a little sponge. I absorb every little thing I can from my partners and from my rivals as well. I think that's the best way," Rey Mysterio replied. "That's helping me out right now with my son. Overall, we have great chemistry together, and I think we have so much more to deliver. I can't wait to be able to defend the titles."

Another interesting fact the panel mentioned during this interview is how Rey was 24-years-old when he won the WCW World Tag Team Championship with Billy Kidman as part of The Filthy Animals. Coincidentally, Dominik is the same age his father was when winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Speaking of Kidman, the panel asked Rey his thoughts on seeing his first-ever tag team partner, Kidman, backstage at the WrestleMania Backlash, watching him and his son win the titles.

"Really cool! As a matter of fact, me and Kidman exchanged a couple of words there," Rey mentioned. "I remember asking him, 'Hey, what did you ever do with that tag team title?' Because we were tag team champions when the company closed down. He said, 'Oh, I have it in my office. It's framed.' I said, 'Well, I have the same thing; it's in my office, and it's framed.' To be able to keep those titles, it's awesome. That's a trophy that I will cherish forever."

As a surprise, the panel brought on Kidman to join Rey and Dominik Mysterio during their interview. Kidman commented on what a full circle moment it was to see Dominik win his first title in WWE.

"It's amazing because I've basically known Rey for 20-something years, and I've known Dominik since he was born. Knowing the type of person and the type of father Rey is, and how he loves his family, it's such an awesome moment to see Dominik not only come along in this sport but come along as a man," Billy Kidman stated. "It's really awesome, and I'm really proud!"

Not only were Rey Mysterio and Kidman the WCW World Tag Team Champions, but they were also the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, although their time as titleholders was cut short due to WWE buying out WCW. In hindsight, Rey stated if they would have been champions a little bit longer, he thinks Kidman and himself could have continued creating amusing title defenses that would've taken the WCW cruiserweight division to greater heights.

"Oh, keep on grinding and having great matches like Kidman and I did," Rey replied on what he and Kidman would have done had they had more time defending the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship. "Kidman and I always did. We loved competition back then was at the peak. We were going out there and giving bangers every night. It was really cool to share the ring with Kidman. We had great chemistry."

Kidman added to Rey's statement by specifying how the cruiserweight division was hitting its peak just before WCW closed its doors permanently. He wishes he and Rey could have had more time to showcase their talent and driven ability as defending champions.

"There was so much cruiserweight competition at that time. It was loaded," Kidman added. "Even with the cruiserweight title, you just never knew who was going to step up and outshine that night. And that's what kept all of us on our feet. So, doing it in a tag team way would have been the next big step, and it would have been awesome to keep it going for a couple of years."

You can watch Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman's full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE's The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.