WWE reportedly has no plans for Brock Lesnar to return right now.

There have been a lot of conflicting reports on Lesnar’s WWE future as of late, especially as we get closer to the return to touring and SummerSlam, but word now, via multiple reports, is that WWE has nothing planned for Lesnar to return any time soon.

It was noted by Dave Meltzer during the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that as of Monday afternoon, there was still nothing planned for Lesnar.

Furthermore, Ringside News reports that Lesnar’s name was not on a list of proposed names for the upcoming WWE Draft, and when Lesnar’s name came in conversation, it was made clear that “there are no plans with Lesnar. We’re not even in discussions.”

It was also noted that the general idea is that WWE would have Lesnar return imminently if they had their way.

It’s always possible that Lesnar and WWE will come to terms on an agreement for his return, and that’s still expected. Lesnar’s WWE contract expired at the end of last summer, but he’s always been expected to return to work for the company, but it remains to be seen when that will actually happen.

Stay tuned for more on Lesnar’s WWE status and future.