On a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, Chris Jericho sat down with Serpentico and Luther of Chaos Project. They discussed how they became a tag team in AEW, and they revealed other names they considered.

“Everything we do is 50-50. We decide on everything together,” Luther noted. “I sent him a bunch of different names, and I had him hone it down, and then I picked some.

“First, it was a ‘138 Chaos Projekt’. Project with a K, which I love,” Serpentico added. “That was the one that stood out. We were really close to using that one. Then when we sent it in, the actual name itself, the characters, way too many to fit on the lower thirds and all the merchandise and stuff. So we decided on Chaos Project.

“138, it’s a Misfits song,” Luther stated. “I wanted to be different than every other name. I told him, I want a name that doesn’t really sound like a wrestling name, more like a band. Same with our logo, I wanted a logo that looks like a band, something that’s gonna be a little different than just wrestling.”

One of the biggest moments for Chaos Project was main eventing Dynamite on the Jericho 30th anniversary episode. Serpentico had discussed how he trained at Team 3D Academy with Bubba and D-Von Dudley, and Jericho revealed the details of a text he got from Bubba.

“When we had the 30th anniversary match of me and Jake Hager against the Chaos Project, Bubba was texting me right when it was announced,” Jericho revealed. “He goes, ‘It’s good for this guy. He’s pretty solid. He deserves a chance.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, man. He sure does. He was very proud of you.

“I owe them so much, and I say it every time I talk to them,” Serpentico admitted. “They really propelled my career forward. They gave me chances that other people probably wouldn’t have given me. There’s one time I was still working at Target, and Bubba just texts me at 7:00 at night. ‘Hey, this weekend, do you want to tag with us?’ I’m like, ‘What? Tag with who?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, show up to Coral Springs High School down south of Miami at 8:00 on Saturday.’ I showed up and tagged with them. It was great, and then they put me through a table, so they got one over on me.”

Jericho revealed he did not know that there would be a Dynamite dedicated to his 30 years in wrestling. He revealed whose idea the episode was and whose idea was it for Chaos Project to main event the show.

“People were like, ‘You chose Luther,’ and I was like, I didn’t choose anything,” Jericho revealed. “That was Tony Khan’s idea because we were going to do some kind of a match when you hurt your ear

“When I got a concussion,” Serpentico corrected. “I got hit behind the head and got a concussion and big cauliflower ear. I think we were supposed to do a tag team match, and then they wanted me to wear headgear.

“That was my idea,” Jericho admitted. “Tony was like, ‘That’s stupid. No. I’ll put you guys together in the Jericho 30th anniversary,’ which by the way, he never told me about that either. He just said, ‘We’re doing a 30th anniversary special.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, really? Cool,.’ He’s like, ‘And you guys will be wrestling Serpentico and Luther.’ I’m like, ‘That’s even cooler.’ I thought that was a great idea from Tony’s end.”

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