On a recent episode of My World with Jeff Jarrett, the founder of TNA Wrestling spoke about the preparations he and his father, Jerry Jarrett, had to make to start the company.

Jarrett talked about acquiring Dixie Carter as their PR agent for the company at the time. Prior to Dixie becoming the President of TNA, she was hired by Jarrett to be the PR agent of the company, which was how she got her start in TNA.

“Dixie, as a PR agent as a woman, she reminded me of my grandmother to a certain degree,” Jarrett said. “From the verbal skills to the salesmanship and the assertiveness and her resume with professional billiards association. She had some major accounts, a whiskey account, wrangler jeans, she knew how to deal with both coasts.

“I knew by the time I left that meeting that was the PR agent I was going with.”

Jarrett also spoke on a previous podcast about the specific talent TNA were looking for when starting the company, which included names like The Ultimate Warrior, Ken Shamrock, Chyna and others. Another name Jarrett mentioned that they wanted, who ultimately signed with TNA, was Scott Hall. Double J spoke about Hall, saying he was one of the guys who he was surprised never won a major championship in his career.

“I don’t recall exactly but my gut tells me I would’ve reached out to him,” Jarrett said. “The Jeff Jarrett – Razor Ramon relationship was pretty deep and travelled a lot of miles with him and all that, when he became available, I definitely remember I was super excited. I think to this day for him not to have been a World Champion, to me is sort of a head scratcher. He had it all. I was very excited and my dad and him always had a great relationship, I was very excited to get the opportunity to have him on board.

“Me and Scott were [talking] ‘Scott, we’re not talking about locking you up, you know creatively what I think about you, we’re going to take care of you.’ He wanted to know what I was doing, and I was like ‘Dude, trust me.’ We knew each other, I was going to take care of him creatively and here’s the dates and here’s the money.”

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