John Cena On If He Would Star In A Movie With The Rock

Recently John Cena sat down with Complex News to discuss his upcoming film Fast & Furious 9. During the interview John Cena was asked about joining the enormously popular and profitable franchise.

Cena, who recently said that a WWE return is imminent, said it was an honor to join the series but noted this isn't his first time joining a massive and global industry.

"I relate a lot of things to the WWE and this one falls directly in the line," shared Cena. "Like, what was it like to join the WWE locker room? WWE is already a global phenomenon, with or without John Cena. That's proven before I got there and certainly now that I'm not there anymore, and they're still thriving. They don't need me. But it's such an honor and a privilege to walk in that locker room and being able to go out and perform."

Cena says that he recognizes the opportunity that is being presented to him, as the Fast & Furious franchise has already been proven to be successful without him.

"Fast [& Furious], for me, was the same way. Fast doesn't need me. They don't. They have a globally successful and multi-billion-dollar franchise filled with so much star power, and action, excitement, and drama, and resource, and studio support. They don't need me. But man, what a gift and an opportunity it is to be able to walk in that locker room, so to speak, metaphorically, and then go out and perform. So, the opportunity isn't lost on me. I also understand the scope of the opportunity. 'Hey, we're giving you an invite to be a part of something special, please treat it as such.' I did so with my tenure in the WWE, which is still not over yet, but I really apply the same principle to this opportunity."

During the interview Cena also discussed if he would consider doing a box office version of WrestleMania 28. Cena said he is definitely interested in filming a movie with the Rock in the future. But Cena also said there was a lot more to the entire process than just his sole opinion.

"So, as somebody who enjoys entertainment I think, with you setting that stage, I'm immediately intrigued," revealed Cena. "There's a lot more than my opinion that's going to have to work to connect those dots. But I think it would be entertaining. So, I mean, I'm in. But we'll see. Nowadays we are truly in a wonderful surge of entertainment. There's a lot of content out there, there's content consistently being made, my point is people are busy. Then you take someone like Dwayne Johnson, who is in his own universe, he is so busy. And with such quality projects. It would take the stars lining up. It may be to the point it is too complex, I don't know. But man, it sounds entertaining."

That crossover movie may occur in the Fast & Furious franchise as Vin Diesel and the Rock reportedly squashed their beef, which Vin Diesel recently discussed.

John Cena stars in the new film Fast & Furious 9, which released in theaters on Friday, June 25.

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