During his recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, WWE legend John Cena was asked to disclose the most valuable lesson he has learned from working with Vince McMahon.

“I continue to learn from him every single day,” Cena responded. “There’s not an instance that goes by when I don’t reflect on my experiences with the WWE, and what he has taught me. And often times, learning from osmosis; he’s not the kind of guy to hit you over the head with lessons that he bestows upon you, but you can learn from his decision-making. It says a lot about the person and what you can take.”

He added, “That well is endless, and isn’t dried up yet. I continue to learn from him.”

Cena praised the 75-year-old McMahon for leading by example – showing up to work every single day – and remaining passionate about the WWE product.

“So, the most valuable of all the lessons is ‘just show up and deliver.’ And that is something he doesn’t just say, it’s something he does, all the effing time,” Cena said of McMahon.

“He’s always there, he’s always invested. People can question his creative motives or whatever – but it’s creativity, there’s always going to be opinionated [people]. He’s always boots on the ground, he’s always invested, and always believes in and is passionate about the product. I think just showing up and delivering, that’s a huge takeaway.”

Earlier in the interview, Cena more or less confirmed reports of his WWE comeback next month. Cena also heaped praise on Roman Reigns, his rumored SummerSlam opponent.

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