Quinn McKay Gives Update On Her ROH In-Ring Future

Recently Ring of Honor wrestler, backstage interviewer, and color commentator Quinn McKay sat down for an interview with Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman to discuss a variety of topics. During the interview McKay recalled making her in-ring debut in Ring of Honor against a not so pleasant wrestler.

"Obviously, working with Angelina, [she] is a very mean person and I didn't enjoy losing to her," admitted McKay. "But I did get to wrestle one of the most influential women in women's wrestling. So, I have that feather in my cap. It was kind of this bittersweet opportunity, where it's like, 'Well, she hates you, but it's Angelina Love.'"

McKay was then asked about the backstage reaction to her performance and if we can expect to see more from her in the ring.

"I don't know, I don't know," McKay answered honestly. "I think I know about [as much] as you guys do. I hope that I'm going to get the opportunity to be in the ring again, but nothing is hard-and-fast, and things in wrestling change all the time. So, I wish I had more to tell you because I feel like I did well. I'm a perfectionist. Obviously, there are always things I want to improve upon. For instance, the fact that I lost. But, in the future, I think if given the opportunity, I can change that ending. And that's what we're hoping for. But I think my performance, in general, was well-received."

In the past McKay has been vocal about her support of Ring of Honor's Women's Division. While discussing the talent in Ring of Honor, McKay was asked about which women she would enjoy the opportunity to wrestle against in the ring.

"Oh, all of them," McKay quickly answered. "Well specifically, I'd like to have a match with Mandy Leon because she screwed me over. If you watch the match, she didn't... here's my problem with it and here's the issue. She didn't technically cheat, but she did cause me to lose. And I have a hard time rectifying those two different ideas in my head and being okay with it. I feel like if she messed with my match, I should have the opportunity to have a match with her and see if she really wants to mess with me."

You can follow Quinn on Twitter @QuinnMcKay. You can find the full audio and video from Quinn's interview via the embedded players below:

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