Wrestlers who have been released from their WWE contracts are reportedly no longer allowed to sign their Superstar ring names at autograph signings.

It was reported in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that talent no longer under contract to WWE are not only no longer allowed to do events or appearances using their WWE names, but they are also not allowed to sign using their WWE names.

This rule is understandable and most wrestlers begin using their new ring names (or old names from pre-WWE careers) as soon as they are released, on social media and for bookings.

It was noted that this rule goes for wrestlers after their 90 day non-compete clauses expire. For example, Aleister Black (Tommy End) would be able to sign autographs with his WWE name now until the non-compete expires on Tuesday, August 31, but after that he will be forced to sign with another name. Black’s first post-WWE appearance was recently announced as The Big Event in New York, but he will not be able to sign with the “Aleister Black” name because the convention takes place on Saturday, November 13.

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