WWE SmackDown Superstar Sami Zayn has taken to Twitter to react to the exhibition match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, which went all eight rounds Sunday night at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Zayn gave props to Paul before taking credit for the performance of the YouTube star-turned-prizefighter.

He tweeted:

I’ll say this, @LoganPaul no doubt worked his ass off and proved a lot of people wrong, but if he never meets Sami Zayn, he never realigns his perspective, and no chance he goes 8 rounds with Floyd Mayweather. I’m glad to have played my part in this historic bout.

The exhibition match ended with no official winner announced. The bout will not go on either man’s professional record.

Paul was involved in the Zayn vs. Kevin Owens match at WrestleMania 37, accompanying the Great Liberator to the ring at Raymond James Stadium.

See below for Zayn’s tweet: