The Rock Responds To Joe Rogan's Comments About Pro Wrestling

Back in 2014, Joe Rogan caught heat from pro wrestling fans after making fun of wrestling when comparing it to MMA. Rogan noted that MMA was real, while wrestling "was some weird, f***ing jerk-off thing that strange guys do when they sit in front of the TV and pretend that they don't know it's fake."

Rogan later said he was just making a joke and didn't really hate pro wrestling. In May of last year, Rogan spoke with comedian Patton Oswalt on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast about pro wrestling being called "fake."

"It's definitely scripted. It's not like they're risking it all because they don't know what the outcome is gonna be," Rogan said. "It's different than an actual athletic event, but it's still pretty badass as far as what they're able to do. They don't nearly get enough credit for it either. While they were doing it, before the lockdown, they were doing it 250+ days a year traveling all over the country, throwing each other on tables."

Earlier today, Rogan said he was watching the A&E Legends documentaries and may now finally understand what pro wrestling was about.

"TheseĀ @wwe documentaries on A&E right now are really well done," Rogan wrote. "Maybe I'm really high, but I think I now am begging to truly understand pro wrestling."

In the comments, The Rock replied to Rogan about enjoying a few and talking wrestling.

"At one time, it was the best job in the world," Rock responded. "One day we'll get drunk (or high) and talk about it. Or talk about it first, then get f***ed up. [laughing emoji]"