Paul “Triple H” Levesque was part of a media call ahead of NXT Takeover: In Your House. During the call, Triple H was asked about a rumored Takeover during SummerSlam weekend.

“It’s a little bit of a work in progress as far as the SummerSlam weekend Takeover,” Triple H admitted. “We’re in a unique time, coming out of the pandemic, and getting back on the road and doing live events and SummerSlam, going to Vegas in a stadium. And hopefully we’ll have a full house, and it should be awesome, but it’s a unique time. And a lot of it is sort of is, as everybody is, trying to feel things out.

“So there’s a little bit of a an ebb and flow right now of where things exactly will land, but I can tell you this for WWE, for our staff, our crew, all of us here behind the scenes but especially for our talent, we cannot wait to get back in front of crowds, and full arenas and excited fans. It’s the lifeblood of what we do. Never having thought we’d experience it once you go through having no fans, it makes you realize that they’re everything we do, and we cannot wait to get back in front of them and show them what WWE really does again, but it’ll be an evolving process as we get into the summer months and into the fall.”

It was noted by PWInsider that WWE internally has Sunday, August 22nd listed for the next Takeover event after In Your House this Sunday.

Last fall, NXT made the Capitol Wrestling Center their home of operations. Triple H was asked if there are plans to move NXT back to its original home of Full Sail University.

“So for right now, the Capital Center is our home, and I want to stress that our partnership with Full Sail is still very strong. We love that partnership,” Triple H said. “I’m looking forward as they open back up as a campus and get students back. They’ve been open online but getting students back in place and beginning to be hands on again, really looking forward to picking up that interaction with the students. NXT, for me, is, in some ways, this youth factory, and I always say going in is like a fountain of youth. And to me, Full Sail’s a big part of that.

“Whenever we have these young, up and coming talent, whether in-ring talent behind-the-scenes talent, cameras, sound, lighting, live event production, whatever it is, it’s invigorating. And Full Sail’s a large part of that. So our partnership is still very strong. I love what we do with them, and I look forward to it continuing and growing. For right now, our home is the Capital Center. We’ll see where that goes, but obviously, with Full Sail and that team, we’re open to any and all ideas, as we always are, and we work together a lot. It’s a very strong partnership.”

WWE NXT presents “Takeover: In Your House” this Sunday night on Peacock and the WWE Network. You can find the full audio from Triple H’s media call below.