WWE Wrestlers Reportedly Felt Disrespected By Kenice Mobley's Interview Comments

WWE reportedly released creative writer Kenice Mobley for reasons related to her controversial comments on the "Asian Not Asian" podcast, not the fan backlash.

As noted, Mobley, a stand-up comedian and podcast host, was just hired to work the RAW brand earlier this month. She made headlines last week for her recent appearance on the "Asian Not Asian" podcast, where she revealed that WWE did not require her to have any pro wrestling knowledge when they hired her. She received significant negative feedback from fans and wrestlers for some of her other comments on Twitter and the podcast, including not knowing if the WWE Champion was named "Bobby Ashley" or Bobby Lashley. You can click here for our original report on Mobley's comments, along with some of her background information and her tweets on pro wrestling. It was then revealed on Friday that WWE had fired Mobley, just weeks after hiring her, and a day or so after her podcast comments went viral.


In an update, Fightful Select reports that WWE sources reiterated how the fan backlash to Mobley's comments did to contribute to her release.

It was noted that several WWE wrestlers and staffers felt disrespected by how Mobley spoke about the business after being hired, and the fact that she didn't know who the primary WWE characters were. Word is that WWE officials actively discourage writers from speaking about the job.

It was also said multiple sources stated how WWE writers coming in with no knowledge of pro wrestling is not rare, but there's usually an early effort made to learn about the product.

Mobley's release was revealed just hours after The Wrestling Observer reported that she had heat within WWE for the comments. It was noted that Mobley was "under the gun" for speaking publicly about subjects that WWE did not want talked about. The Observer also noted that WWE officials were reportedly embarrassed by this going public due to the feeling that it makes the company look "blindingly stupid" to the outside world.


Mobley still has not commented on her release as of this writing. She protected her tweets earlier in the week once her comments went viral, and then made her Instagram account private once the Observer report came out on Friday morning. Her accounts remain private as of this writing.

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