AEW star Ryan Nemeth of The Wingmen was on a recent episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast. During the interview, Nemeth discussed what he was doing during the pandemic. He explained why he wasn’t taking many indie bookings at the time.

“That whole year of the pandemic, I was doing stunt coordinating, wrestling, and TV shows, and music videos and movies,” Nemeth noted. “I was a little apprehensive about doing indie bookings during all that. It was all so mysterious that I thought like, unless it’s with a major company, I’m gonna hold back on the shows, but luckily in LA, for some reason that year, everybody wanted to do wrestling stuff.

“And I was just available to do that. Snapchat did a wrestling app video game thing. In A.P Bio, the NBC show did a wrestling episode, and they brought me in and said, ‘Can you help us with dialogue, finding a ring, finding wrestlers, planning out the matches?’ It was pretty cool. Some music videos and then just finishing up the movie HEEL we did. I was in a ring a lot but not having matches matches, kind of like segments of matches.”

Nemeth revealed that he had a role on the nixed season of GLOW. He also revealed the role he had and how expansive it was planned to be.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, I was on the final season of GLOW before it got cancelled,” Nemeth revealed. “So working on it with Chavo, it awesome. We filmed one episode. Just finished one episode and then everything got put on pause, and we thought okay, in January, we’ll pick up again.

“And I was a boyfriend of one of the characters, and I was thinking, maybe this is a one-off episode, but she pulled me aside one day and said, ‘I think you’re in the whole season,’ and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s a big break. Wrestling and acting, that’s perfect. That’d be great,’ and then we just kept hearing, well, they’re gonna delay it more, delay it more. And then, hey, guys, we’re just canceling the whole thing. I thought, come on, just make a movie or something.”

Chavo Guerrero gave details about the nixed final season of GLOW on The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Nemeth later spoke on the creative freedom in AEW and how his nickname “The Hollywood Hunk” came about. Jericho recalled a quote from an Oscar-winning director that he feels embodies what AEW is.

“I just like creating things, and I feel AEW is so great for that. That’s another thing, just doing things for BTE is so fun,” Nemeth expressed. “I can’t believe the amount of pre-tapes I’ve gotten on the shows on Dark and Elevation. I’m not someone who will complain too much about the past but man, being like, ‘Hey, interview this guy.’ Okay to Jess Palombo coming up and saying, ‘You guys have a pre-tape. What do you want to do?’ And I’m like, ‘I get to decide what we do?’ That’s amazing.

Jericho stated, “It’s like what I heard about Clint Eastwood, his directing style. He does one or two takes, two takes at the most for these Oscar winning Million Dollar Baby movies. When they ask him, ‘Why do you only do one or two takes,’ he says, ‘Because I hired professionals. They are professional actors that’s why I hired them and cast them. I don’t need 50 takes I know they’ll do it one or two, and that’s it. Let’s move on.’ I really feel that with AEW.

“There’s some people that need a little bit of a boost. For example, the Inner Circle, a Sammy Guevara promo a year and a half ago to now, but I’ve never given him any lines, just a couple directions here and there, and that’s kind of the attitude of our company. We want you to be yourself and to experiment and get better on your own because that’s the only way you can.”

Nemeth also discussed how he got the nickname “Hollywood Hunk.”

“My trunks said ‘Hunk’, and he (Khan) goes, ‘Okay, but what kind of hunk are you?’ And I said, ‘Hollywood,’ and he goes, ‘Hollywood Hunk, let’s go,'” Nemeth revealed. “In any other business, really, ‘I’m gonna do this today?’ No, you’re not. To be trusted creatively with things and so I do feel every trip I come here, I am writing, performing and then wrestling.

“All of those things are happening. It doesn’t feel like, if I’m secretly working on a script, I’m cheating on a job. This is fun. This is great. I remember that being a big thing I was worried about. I would ask him, ‘Hey, if I book an acting job, or a commercial or something, will you be mad at that?’ And he goes, ‘No, it fits your character. It’s perfect.’ And I’m like, man, what a good feeling.”

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