Alberto Del Rio Sends A Warning To paige And Threatens To Expose Past Incidents

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio (aka Alberto El Patron) recently appeared on Hannibal TV and issued a message to his ex-fiancée, former WWE Women's Champion Paige.

Paige and Alberto went public with their relationship in May 2016. They were engaged in October 2016 after Paige popped the question in the middle of the ring during a WWC event in Puerto Rico, right after Del Rio's match with Carlito. Paige dropped to one knee and asked Del Rio to marry her, and he said yes. Del Rio was still married at the time, but was going through a divorce to his estranged wife in Mexico, Angela. The relationship played out in the media and over social media, and was full of ups & downs, until they confirmed their split in December 2017.


Del Rio spoke to former WWE commentator Hugo Savinovich back in April and revealed that he and Paige had a $1 million confidentiality agreement, to safeguard his interests and future. In this new interview, Alberto claims he and Paige lied about their domestic incidents, to protect their jobs, and that there are 3 arrests, with 7 total police reports related to their domestic troubles. He threatened to expose Page and the fake stories they told the media and the fans to protect her WWE job, if he's not left alone.

There were at least three arrests/incidents that were rumored or confirmed during the relationship – a 2016 incident in Las Vegas after WWE Money In the Bank, an incident in San Antonio where Paige lived with Alberto, and the infamous July 2017 incident at the Orlando airport, where Alberto chose not to press charges against Paige. Alberto claimed back in April that Paige was arrested in San Antonio, Vegas, and Orlando, and had 6 or 7 police reports in just San Antonio.


Del Rio also reiterated comments he made back in April, saying once he signed the $1 confidentiality agreement, he then found out that Paige didn't own a house or a car, and had just $60,000 – $70,000 in her bank account. Alberto continues to say "enough is enough" and warn Paige to leave him alone, but it remains to be seen where these threats are coming from. He previously stated in that same April interview that he wants the best for Paige. Still employed by WWE, Paige has been in a relationship with Falling in Reverse singer Ronnie Radke since late 2018, and is focused on her Twitch channel these days.

You can see Alberto's full comments to Hannibal TV below, along with video from the interview.

"I had another situation with another person accusing me of something," Alberto said. "What's your evidence? And thank God now, and I said it in my interview with my great friend Hugo Savinovich, hey, we had a confidential agreement in the past for $1 million. That's the only reason why I never did anything, never said anything, I never exposed you. I never told the truth about all your arrests for domestic violence when we were together, but please don't mess with me again. Enough is enough. I have no intentions of... and everybody knows who I am talking about.

"No more, no more. Enough is enough. That confidential agreement is no longer there, you breached the contract so now I can tell the truth about who was and who wasn't arrested three different times for domestic violence, and it wasn't me. Seven police reports for domestic violence, and it wasn't me. They talked, they barked, they were poking and trying to make me talk, and I think they wanted to make me talk to come and collect that million dollars because when we signed that confidential agreement, hey I was WWE Champion, I did good money-wise, and then the other person, after signing the contract I realized that she didn't own a house, a car, or anything, and only had $60-$70,000 in her bank account. But the contract was already signed when I found out."

He continued, "I have no intention of affecting anyone. Please leave me alone, enough is enough. And you, all of you, all of that people, you should be thankful it's because of me why she still has a job, because if I would've exposed her in the past... I'm not just talking, barking crap, I've got documents of what I'm saying, I have evidence, and if not, hey, come and sue me, come and sue me. But if you try to do something, I will but those three arrests for domestic violence out there, and I will tell the truth of what happened, what really happened. Not the BS stories that we told the media to protect her from losing her job because we did it because we were engaged, we were a couple, we did it together. We threw a bullshit story to the media, to the fans, but that's not a real story, and I have no intentions of entertaining the internet, and I don't want to affect anyone's life, but please stop messing with me."


Alberto has recently expressed interest in a return to WWE, apologizing for past mistakes. He also made it known he wants another WWE Title reign, as noted here. You can click here for his recent comments on WWE and past mistakes, or click here for his recent comments on the major criminal charges he's facing in August. Alberto is scheduled to return to the ring on Saturday, July 31 in McAllen, Texas at the Payne Arena for the loaded Hecho en Mexico indie event. He will work the Triple Threat main event that night with Andrade El Idolo and Carlito. Alberto is one of the promoters of the event.

Stay tuned for more.